96 – The Family Gamers Podcast – Top Games for Mom

Episode 96 Top Games for Mom

In honor of Mother’s Day, we talk about games to play with your mom. What do our own kids think Mom (Anitra) would like to play?

Last week, we had Asher on the show. This week, Claire is our co-host as we talk about games for mom. Whether your mom is a gamer or not, we have a recommendation for you!

What we’ve Been Playing:

Sagrada from Floodgate Games
Cosmic Encounter from Fantasy Flight Games
Magic Maze from Dude Games & Sit Down! & Pegasus Spiele
Troke (out of print – see Board Game Geek) Claire says “I like that you move the individual pieces to move all the pieces.”
With the preschooler, some games that are good at equalizing skill levels: Maze Racers & Gobblet Gobblers
Robo Diner (see our review)

Claire tells us about what she does to celebrate victories when playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


We ask Elliot (3 1/2) and Asher (7) and ask them: “What games would mom really like to play with you?”

Music for this segment is “Magellan” by You Bred Raptors? from Astoria, NY.

Games to play with Mom

We tried really hard to limit this to a top 5, but we can’t. Instead, we came up with five categories of games, with one or two suggestions in each category:

For a large family gathering: Party Game

Codenames or any of its variations. Claire recommends Codenames: Disney if your group includes kids.

For the mom who wants something simple: Intro Game

Roll For It! – a modern classic (see our review)
For the mom of young children: Silly Street (see our review)

For the mom who wants everyone to win: Cooperative Game

Forbidden Island or Forbidden Desert – straightforward, everyone working towards a single goal, and no violence!

Thematic Games

For the mom who read you fairy tales: The Grimm Forest
For the mom who loves sewing or quilting: Patchwork

Calm and Beautiful Games

For the Bob Ross fan: Bob Ross: The Art of Chill
For the mom who loves birds and flowers: Seikatsu (see our review)
For the mom who needs a vacation: Tokaido



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What did you do for Mother’s Day? Did you play any games with your mom?