Family Games Final Four

Final Four Family Games

You helped us determine the best four family games.

Point Salad beat out Green Team Wins by just 2 votes, while Ticket to Ride overpowered Rhino Hero 25-3.

But which ones will move on to the final round?

Match 1 - Which game is better?

Food is a favorite theme. But would your family rather build the perfect salad, or a cute plate of sushi?

Point Salad vs. Sushi Go!

Voting is over! Check back for results.

Match 2 - Which game is better?

Trains or exploding potions?

Ticket to Ride vs. Quacks of Quedlinburg

Voting is over! Check back for results.

Voting closes Friday, March 29 at 8pm Eastern Time. Don’t forget to check back!