SNAP Review – Furry Foodies

Furry Foodies - cat edition

When humans are away, the cats will play!

Furry Foodies is a short, simple game of pushing food off the table. Designed by Dave Gage and Kylie Latham, Furry Foodies is published by The OP. It plays 2-4 players, ages 8 and up. We’ll tell you all about Furry Foodies in just 5 minutes – listen to the audio or read on below:

First, shuffle the food tiles and place them face up in a 5 by 5 grid: this is called the table. Stack the remaining food tiles facedown within reach of everyone. Each player selects a cat mover and double-sided score card.

Furry Foodies setup

How to Play

For your very first turn, your cat can enter in from any side of the grid. Use your cat to push tiles inward, knocking plates out.

Cats can only move two squares per turn. They can’t return to a space they just moved away from, intentionally leave the grid, or push other cats. They also can’t shove tiles towards other cats.

If you do end up getting stuck, your cat can leap off the table and re-enter the grid from anywhere it can push a valid plate.

After your kitty bats two plates off the table, refill the open spaces with new tiles and pass turn. The game ends immediately when there are no tiles left to fill a space.

cat surrounded by food tiles

Types of Tiles

There are 8 different type of food tiles: ice cream, spaghetti, cheese, turkey legs, pizza, bacon, shrimp, and fish. Each food item has a number that indicates its rank (not point value). It’s used for grouping and sequences.

Cat nip tiles allow you to move another plate on your turn. Or use them to force another player to move again… hopefully making them push off a broken plate!

Cat sacks (AKA doggie bags) are wild tiles. They can be used as any food item for scoring.

Broken plates are worth negative points.


Sort out your plate tiles, then make the most valuable groups of the same foods or sequences. Points increase as the total number of plates in a set or sequences increases. (A single plate = 1 point, two plates = 3 points, three plates = 7 points, etc.)

A set is all the same food types.  Five pizza slices would net you 21 points.

A sequence is a run of different plates, but in numerical order with no gaps. For example: plates with numbers 4,5,6,7 would give you 13 points.

Keep in mind broken plates will be grouped together as well! Three broken plates? You’ll need to subtract 7 points.

The player with the most points wins! In the case of a tie, the player with the fewest broken plates wins.

Foods sorted out by type. One line of 5 pizzas + wild, another of 3 ice cream, a sequence of 6,7,8, and a sequence of 2,3,4. Only a single broken plate.
Awesome score! But there’s more than one way to group this set…


Furry Foodies is a set collection game, with a fun theme of pushing food off the table. We loved that the tiles were thick and easy to grab.

The cartoony artwork for the cats themselves was great. Each cat gets its own biography in the rule book. Cleo is really mad looking, while Snowball, Rusty, and Flapjack have adorable smiles.

3 cats surrounded by food tiles
Cleo, Flapjack, and Snowball

Everyone gets a scoring reference, so we don’t need to keep referring to the manual – and the inside of the box is fuzzy!

Fury Foodies is a fun family game, the kind that kids can play on their own without an adult. No reading is required, and only simple math is needed to tabulate the final scores.

Since the plates are set on the table randomly, we found a lot of replayability. You won’t see two games that play exactly the same.

I did like the two options for scoring. If I couldn’t quite get the sets of pizza I was hoping for, I could group tiles for the sequence scoring. In some cases this can be the way to get the best bang for the buck.

Furry Foodies will be a game we pack for family game nights, especially since its easy to teach and has a lower age entry. Get it for less than $15 on Amazon, at your local toy store, or your local game store.

We rate Furry Foodies 4 out of 5 bags of catnip.

Furry Foodies - cat edition

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Furry Foodies
  • Bags of Catnip


Number of Players: 2-4
Age Range: 8+
Playtime: 15-20 minutes