Giveaway! Brew Dice and Sports Dice: Baseball

Brew Dice Sports Dice: Baseball - Roll it out of the park!It’s time for another giveaway! Andy Geremia and FunWiz are partnering with us to give away Andy’s newest games.

Sports Dice: Baseball is a 2-player game that pits a batter vs. a pitcher using dice to determine what happens in each at-bat.

Brew Dice is a 2-4 player game of speed rolling. Roll your 3 dice to be the first to match the shapes (coaster, snack, beer container) on the current card. Snatch the card before someone else can match it, too!

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Where would you play these two dice games?

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  • I’m part of an on-again, off-again guys’ night group. I’d definitely bring these out after poker or Dead of Winter to lighten things up.

  • Jeremy Skrdla

    I can’t wait to try out Baseball Dice. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Ronnay

    I like to try Brew Dice with my game group.

  • Joe Sauer

    Would definitely try these worth my monthly game group

  • Elena Sanchez

    I would play either game at a restaurant while waiting for our meal. Baseball Dice would be perfect for lunchtime play at work. Brew Dice is a perfect Happy Hour game!