Giveaway: My First Castle Panic

My First Castle Panic

My First Castle Panic may be perfect for the younger gamers in your life (ages 3-6). Without requiring reading or even counting, Fireside Games has crafted a wonderful cooperative game that our littlest gamers have loved (see our review).

Unfortunately, our youngest gamer is over 6 and has decided he has outgrown the game.

But our loss can be your gain! We are giving away our own gently-used copy of My First Castle Panic.

Simply enter the giveaway below, and comment: who would you play the game with? Your own children? Nieces and nephews? Grandchildren? Friends with learning disabilities? The possibilities are endless.

NOTE: Normally our giveaways will ship anywhere in the world, but for this giveaway, we are limiting it to the continental USA. Sorry international friends!

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My First Castle Panic setup


  • Chris

    Would love to try this with my son!

  • Anna

    This looks like so much fun for my kids!

  • Stephanie Cardoza

    I’ve been wanting to play this with my youngest daughter for a while!

  • KT

    My twin 4 year olds sound like the perfect age! I suspect my 8 year old would love it too – saving castles in a cooperative setting is right up his alley! Thank you for passing your game on!

  • Josh Willhite

    Very cute artwork, I like the castle!

  • Kenneth

    Family of gamers here, but there is an 8 year gap between our youngest and the next sibling. SOOO, most of our games are geared towards older gamers. Would love to have this as we’ve been trying to bring more families into the gaming world, and simple games that can be played with littles AND transition well into more complex games are where it’s at!