• I’d keep UNO!

  • Pandahill

    I need a couple of these for Pokemon! Maybe double height when they come out

    • Pandahill

      If I’m lucky enough I’ll show it to my FLGS in Oz. They have a large collection of pretty dire ones st the moment. Card caddies look so cool.

  • Amy

    Honestly, I’d probably use it for a regular old deck of playing cards. I used to have one in my car, but it got all wrecked. So many different games I can play with that with the kids when we’re bored!

    • Andrew Smith

      Yes! This is exactly what I used to do. Honestly, I can’t wait to get more of these. They’re so inexpensive! $6!

  • Lindsay

    I’d probably use it for Skull King – my favorite trick taking game!

    • Anitra Smith

      Skull King sounds a little like Wizard, our favorite trick-taking game. I love predicting how many tricks I’ll take at the beginning of a round – and messing up other players’ bids, too.

  • Kristin F

    I’d probably keep a regular deck of cards in it.

  • If it’s not big enough for Star Realms, maybe Guillotine or Set will get a new home. I really dislike the slide box for Set.

  • Michael

    Probably do a deck of cards especially if visiting family that dominoes and games with cards is all they play.

  • Elena

    I’d keep Onirim or Sylvion card games in it.

  • melissa craig

    one of my favorite magic decks

  • One of my favorites! Great stuff!
    Any new giveaways planned?

    Greetings from Norway!

    • Anitra Smith

      Hi Beste,

      We just finished a giveaway in honor of our 100th episode. Stay tuned for more fun contests soon.