SNAP Review – Guess It, Get It, Gumballs: A Game of Faces and Feelings

Guess It, Get It, Gumballs box and gameboard

Grab gumballs, then guess what they might be


Elliot and Anitra tell us about this cooperative game of memory and emotions. Guess It, Get It, Gumballs is for ages 4 and up from Peaceable Kingdom. Listen in, or read the summary below.

How to Play

Excited face on gumball grabber
Pick up a face with the suction cup grabber

First, set up the vending-machine-shaped board. Then place all the gumballs face down on top of the board.

Youngest player goes first – spin the spinner!

Take the “grabber” and press the suction cup gently down on a gumball that matches the color on the spinner.

Hold it up so the other players can see it (and you can’t). Make a face. You can see yourself in the mirror side of the grabber.

If the face you’re making matches the one on the gumball, the other players will tell you! Add it to the rainbow scoreboard.

Fill the scoreboard with all 6 colors of the rainbow, and you all win! But if you collect 3 Stink faces, you lose.

gumball rainbow
Silly face with matching gumball
Silly face


Guess It, Get It, Gumballs is a great way to get your kid talking about feelings and build their sense of empathy. The faces they pick up can be Scared, Silly, Angry, Excited, Sad, or Happy.

Talk about these emotions and why the gumballs might feel that way!

Elliot’s favorite is the Stink face, but since that doesn’t help you win the game, he’ll take an Excited or Silly face instead.

The components are not quite as nice as what we’ve come to expect from Peaceable Kingdom. The gumballs are posterboard, shiny on one side, so they’ll stick to the grabber. The “grabber” worked far too well in our first few plays, and we couldn’t get the gumballs to release from the suction cup without bending them.

Grabber pushing suction cup onto a posterboard gumball
Gentle pressure to pick it up

After a few plays, however, we seem to have broken in the set a bit, and now we can pick up gumballs with gentle pressure and release them by pushing a bit harder (which makes the suction cup invert).

It’s very hard to resist the temptation to look at the face you’ve picked up. We try to encourage Elliot to watch the faces that other players pick up so he can remember to pick them up and match them on his next turn.

Happy face gumball and smiling kid
Happy faces

Guess It, Get It, Gumballs is appropriate for the young children it’s designed for. We’d recommend it especially between ages 4-6.

It’s a great twist on a memory game, since you never look at the gumballs you pick up, only other’s choices. It’s also a great tool to talk about feelings and empathy.

For its target age range, we’d give Guess It, Get It, Gumballs 3 gumballs out of 5. Find it on Amazon or ask for it at your local toy store.

The Family Gamers received a copy of Guess It, Get It, Gumballs from Peaceable Kingdom for this review.

SNAP review music is Avalanche, provided courtesy of You Bred Raptors?

Guess It, Get It, Gumballs
  • Gumballs


Players: 2-4 (or more)

Age Range: 4+ (we say 4-6)

Playtime: 15-20 minutes