SNAP Review – Mega Mouth

“Read my lips!”

What? Oh! This is a SNAP review for Mega Mouth.


Mega Mouth is a party game for 4-8 players, ages 8 and up. It was designed by Tim Walsh at The Playmakers and is published by Big G Creative.


What art?

There’s a mouth symbol on the box, on the backs of the cards, and the tokens. That’s pretty much it, and you also get a timer.

But the game is all about looking at the other players, so very little art doesn’t matter!


First, split into teams. It works best with at least 4 players, but works even better with more.

The “mouth” player puts a card in the stand so that they can see it and the rest of their team cannot. Then, they hold the magnifier in front of their mouth.

They’ll read the category off the card (out loud), then they’re going to try to mouth the first word or phrase. (In our video, it’s basketball players.) They want the other members of their team to guess what they’re saying… without “saying” it.

Someone from the other team will act as a judge and a scorekeeper.

You only have 30 seconds to try to get as many of the 7 items as you can! And the only things you’re allowed to say out loud are “yes” or “pass”.

After 30 seconds, tally your score, then give the magnifier to the other team (or they can have their own – there are 2 in the box). They get to do the same thing (with a new card).


It’s pretty evident with a suggested player count of 4-8 players that Mega Mouth is a party game, and we were expecting a party game feel.

The box made it obvious that this was a game of guessing words.

Based on the name, we thought we’d have to put something in our mouths.


Thankfully, we didn’t have to put things in our mouths for this game!

One of the biggest surprises we found was how hard it can be to lip-read – or to move your lips clearly – especially without talking.

We were also surprised at just how well our kids did in guessing some rather grown-up categories, like “Airlines”. (There are harder ones we didn’t run into, like Canadian Provinces, Basketball Players, or U.S. First Ladies.)

Since you announce the category before starting a round, you could always pass on it and grab a new card if it looks too hard.

But the “Bagel Flavors” category – very easy for The Family Gamers.

Mega Mouth magnifier, cards, tokens. Card in stand: Pizza toppings, pepperoni, pineapple, mushrooms, sausage, olives, anchovies, extra cheese. Card in box: Planets in the Solar system.


Mega Mouth is fine. It can be silly and fun. And it’s completely family-friendly in content.

The magnifier is more trouble than it’s worth. The idea behind the magnifier is that you are making your mouth bigger; but it takes forever to find the right orientation for it. And if you have enough people where you need to hold something in front of your mouth to make it bigger, then you’re going to spend so much time trying to figure out the right place to put it; it’s useless.

Our kids had a really tough time getting the magnifier high enough to cover their mouths and still be seen. It just makes the game harder.

On the plus side, Mega Mouth can work fairly well in a loud environment, like a restaurant, and it scales well. The box says 4-8, but you could do bigger teams, and allow people to drop in or drop out.

All you need is the deck of cards, or grab a handful and put them in your pocket. You have all you need to play.

We rate Mega Mouth 2.5 mouths out of 5.

Find it for $15-20 at Target or Amazon.

The Family Gamers received a copy of Mega Mouth from Big G Creative for this review.

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Mega Mouth
  • Mouths


Number of Players: 4-8 (or more)

Age Range: 8+

Playtime: 15-20 minutes