SNAP Review – Slide Quest

Slide Quest: The Video Game Board Game

Cooperate with your friends to win Slide Quest: shift the board to slide the rolling knight and complete the levels. We’ll tell you why we love this dexterity puzzle game from Blue Orange Games in just 5 minutes! Listen to the audio, or read on below.

Slide Quest was designed by Jean-Francois Rochas and Nicolas Bourgoin. To play, you’ll need 1-4 players, ages 7 and up. Depending on how many levels you attempt, it can take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour.

Only 2 lives left! Stay away from those holes!

The basic idea of Slide Quest is to guide the rolling knight through levels of increasing difficulty.

How to Play

First, choose your difficulty level (easy, medium, hard), then decide which “world” you’ll do. Each world has 5 levels. If you’re up for a challenge, do the “Grand Quest” with all 20 level maps!

Each level has a “mission”, in varying difficulties. Goals include:

  • Follow the path of light.
  • Follow the path and avoid knocking over the dynamite.
  • Knock guards into holes, then make it to the goal.
  • Knock numbered guards into numbered holes.
  • Push all the guards into the appropriate hole traps, THEN push the Villain into the orange trap.
  • 2 levels also require you to push dynamite into a specific place on the board – but don’t knock it over on the way!

After setting up the level map with the indicated obstacles, enemies, etc. it’s time to play! Each player controls at least 1 lever. Work together to gently slide the knight around the board and accomplish your goal!

Slide Quest box, open with 4 levers in place, 1 on each side. The 4 levers support a plastic platform riddled with holes.
Platform and levers, ready for a map.

Thin, sturdy level maps cover most of the holes on the board, but they each leave a few open. Depending on which mission you’re playing, you may have to bring the knight dangerously close to some of those holes!

As you progress through the levels, they get more and more difficult. Not only because your knight needs to avoid holes, but also because he’ll have to travel all over the map to push the various guards into the correct holes.

Top down view of knight pushing a wooden guard figure into hole number 3.
Knock those guards into the holes, but don’t fall in!


Knight facing two sticks of dynamite. Enemy guards blurry in foreground.
The Knight faces a new challenge.

Slide Quest is very clever. It’s cool to see a dexterity game that isn’t about stacking things or flicking things. Instead, it’s all about using a gentle touch and just enough force to get the knight rolling in the direction you want. The marble in his base makes him slide more easily and smoothly than anything else on the board – and sometimes he’s hard to stop!

There’s no reading required for this game. You only need to recognize numbers 1-4, for the levels that require you to drop numbered guards into their matching holes.

Slide Quest absolutely requires cooperation. Since every player controls a lever, no single player can mastermind the whole operation (unless you’re playing alone, of course).

Asher loves the artwork on the inside of the box (underneath the platform), which looks like a dungeon. Don’t let the knight fall in!

It can get a little frustrating when played with young kids, but since it’s a dexterity game, Slide Quest doesn’t give much of an advantage to older, more experienced players. It’s all about working together.

We are a little confused by the subtitle on the cover, “The Video Game Board Game”. Don’t expect that this is the kind of game that will get your video-game-obsessed kid into board games. It’s organized into levels, and it’s fun, but it’s not very much like a video game or other board games.

We give Slide Quest 4 hearts out of 5. Pick up a copy at your local game store or buy it on Amazon today!

The Family Gamers received a copy of Slide Quest from Blue Orange Games for this review.

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Slide Quest
  • Art
  • Mechanics
  • Family Fun


Number of Players: 1-4

Age Range: 7+ (younger with good dexterity skills)

Play Time: 15-45 minutes (up to an hour for the “Grand Quest”)