SNAP Review – Carpool Karaoke: Sing your Heart Out!

Carpool Karaoke Game

I… I’m hooked on a feelin’
I’m high on believin’
That you’re in love with me!

There’s something fun about karaoke! So many people get nervous getting started, but once you’re into it, everyone wants to join in. That’s the premise behind the Carpool Karaoke Game, based on the skit of the same name from James Corden’s The Late Late Show on CBS. Carpool Karaoke Game is published by Big G Creative and supports three or more players ages 12 and up. A game lasts around 30-45 minutes.

large spinner in center with "Work It, Guess It, Sing It, Rock It". 4 small dials on the sides, each numbered 1-20, representing Los Angeles, New York, Sydney, London
Are you ready to rock?

How to Play

Each player or team represents a city: LA, New York, Sydney, or London. Your goal is to be the first player (or team) to raise your “point-ometer” to 20 points.

yellow  token with picture of a smartphone #CarpoolKaraokeGame
Are you brave enough to Share It?

On your turn, spin the spinner and take a Challenge card. If the spinner lands on Sing It, Work It, or Guess It, read the Challenge out loud and choose a player on another team to duel. Both players perform the Challenge, and the other team(s) judge the winner. The winner scores the appropriate number of points and play passes clockwise.

Each team also gets one Share It token per game. At any time that team can discard their token to challenge one of the performing players to share their performance on social media. If they do, they get three points. Use the tag #CarpoolKaraokeGame to get in on the fun!


Let’s talk about the challenges! Each card contains Sing It, Work It, and Guess It challenges.

Sing It

Pick a song (any song!) and sing it in the style on the Challenge card! The winner gets four points.

Work It

Pick a song and sing it while performing the theatrics on the Challenge. The winner gets three points.

Sing It: Sing a song in the style of Edna Mode of The Incredibles.
Work It: Work your best Time Warp  moves into the song.
Sing It: Sing a song in the style of the Joker.
Work It: Work your best stepping-into-a-cold-lake into the song.
Some kid-friendly “Sing It” and “Work It” challenges

Guess It

No song here! There’s a trivia question on the card. One of the judges reads the question and the first player in the duel to answer it correctly gets two points.

Note: Any time a player doesn’t feel like singing, they can choose the “Guess it” challenge.

Rock It

Let’s be honest, you’re here with your friends! When the spinner lands on “Rock It”, everyone sings together, in the true spirit of karaoke. Then give each player one point.

Sing It: Sing a song in the style of Kurt Cobain.
Sing It: Sing a song in the style of Lucille Ball.
Work It: Work your best flamenco moves into the song.
Guess It: What dietary restriction does Stevie Wonder follow?
Most kids won’t understand these challenges


The Carpool Karaoke Game is a fun, simple party game. It’s better than other singing/karaoke games we’ve seen because it has a lot of flexibility. It’s even possible to skew the game younger by using only children’s songs (or songs your kids know), but there is still some domain knowledge needed to keep the game from getting stale quickly.

The flexibility of the game is great, though. With so many kind of challenges and questions, it runs the gamut of thoughtfulness and hilarity. You can even play the game in the car – the central board is well designed and doesn’t need to be flat to work. The rest of the game is singing!

We had a lot of success with everyone using their own smart devices for lyrics and everyone using an Amazon Echo for the music.

Ultimately, playing games is about having fun, and if you like to sing, you’ll have fun with the Carpool Karaoke Game. But you’d probably also like just singing together without the game, too.

But for under $20, it’s hard to go wrong. Check out Carpool Karaoke Game on Amazon or at Target today!

Hey now, you’re an All-Star, get your game on, go play!
Hey now, you’re a Rock Star, get the show on, get paid!
All that glitters is gold,
Only shooting stars break the mold….

We give Carpool Karaoke Game 2½ microphones out of 5. It’s fun, but at it’s core, it’s just karaoke.

pamphlet: 50 Great Karaoke Songs
The rulebook contains this helpful list of 50 suggested songs. Sing your heart out!

The Family Gamers received a copy of Carpool Karaoke Game from Big G Creative for this review.

SNAP review music is Avalanche, provided courtesy of You Bred Raptors?

Carpool Karaoke Game
  • Microphones


Number of Players:  3+

Age Range: 12+

Playtime:  30-45 minutes