SNAP Review – Home Alone: The Game

Home Alone Game

Home Alone GameHello? Hello? Mom, Dad? Don’t leave me home alone!

Play as Kevin McCallister or the Wet Bandits in the Home Alone Game from Big G Creative. Hear our thoughts in about 10 minutes, or read on below.


Give each player a player board. Put the Kevin deck, Loot deck, and paint bucket die on Kevin’s board. Give the Wet Bandits their deck to place on their board. Place the Front Door, Downstairs Window, and Upstairs Window tiles where everyone can reach them.

Playing the Game

Home Alone Game: Front door, Downstairs window, trap cardEach player draws 6 cards from their respective decks. After Kevin reveals the top 3 cards from the Loot deck, he secretly mixes them up and places each one face down on a location (Front Door, Downstairs Window, Upstairs Window).

Kevin plays his 6 cards (traps and decoys) face down onto his locations of choice. Kevin is trying to bait the Wet Bandits into going after lower value loot cards to keep them from amassing the $2000 they need to win.

The Wet Bandits have to pay a card cost to “break into” each location. Once there, they flip Kevin’s cards one at a time. They defeat Traps by paying a specific “lightbulb” cost with cards from their hand, and pass by Decoys at no cost. If the Bandits clear all of Kevin’s cards from a location, they may take the Loot and add it to their score.

Bandits may continue playing and pushing their luck, or conserve the cards in their hand for the next round. Kevin and the Bandits each draw 6 additional cards, and the next round begins.


We love the ugly-sweater artwork in the game. Izzy loves the way all the cards show the images picked out stitch by stitch.

Special Powers

Kevin’s deck gets a few special powers, in addition to the Traps. Broken Christmas Ornaments adds an additional Trap, while Phantom Feathers can be recycled and used again. The Tarantula doesn’t have a special power, but it costs 3 lightbulbs to defeat!

The Bandits get several special power cards that allow them to recycle cards, search the deck, disarm a Trap for free, or peek at the face-down Loot.

Home Alone: Kevin's deck“The Little Jerk is Armed!”

It’s really hard for the Bandits to win. Their deck doesn’t have many cards, and it’s easy to run out. Even when we had 2 players team up as the Bandits, they could not beat Kevin.

The hide-and-seek / bluffing aspect makes it so that Kevin can place expensive Loot in a difficult location (Upstairs Window which requires 2 cards just to break in) and lots of traps in the “easier” locations.

Certain Traps also show the Paint Bucket die, allowing it to be rolled to add an extra lightbulb cost.

4 out of 5 Hot Doorknobs

The Home Alone Game expertly captures the feeling of the 1990 movie, with Kevin consistently outsmarting the Bandits. Even though the Bandits usually get just as frustrated as Marv and Harry did in the movie, it’s been great fun to play.

The artwork is carried through all the cards and tiles, even the box cover.

We recommend the Home Alone Game for fans of the movie or parents looking for a fun game that their kids will usually win.

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Home Alone Game
  • Hot Doorknobs


Ages 8+

2-4 players

15-20 minutes