SNAP Review – Slap It! : Monstrously Fast

Slap It! game

Find a monster? SLAP IT!

A portal to another dimension has opened, and monsters are pouring out.

What do you do when you encounter a monster? You SLAP IT!

Slap It! is a fast moving game designed by Kane Klenko (FUSE, FlipShips, Pandemic: Rapid Response), with art by Lina Cossette (AKA Mr. Cuddington). It plays 2–8 players, ages 7 and up, and is published by Renegade Game Studios.

Players will race to slap the correct monster, but it’s not always easy.  New monsters pop out of the portal and the dice are always changing the rules.

“Yeah, it’s a thing, dice mess with your brains.”



Place the portal tile in the middle of the table with either side up. Deal monster cards face up around the portal, then place the deck off to the side. Pick a first player, give them the dice, and you’re ready to start slappin’!

Dice & Cards

The Monster Die has symbols representing the monster you’re looking for: largest blue, smallest red, etc.

The Directional Die has arrows and an equal sign. The arrows mean you’ll move one or two spaces away from the monster shown on the monster die. If you roll the equals sign, you need slap the monster represented by the Monster Die.

The monster cards have exactly what you’d expect: the monsters! They are red or blue and each one contains a number (used for breaking ties).

Two large dice held in a hand, with two sides visible on each die. One shows a gray equality sign and an arrow outlined in purple. The other shows a large blue monster and a large grey monster.
Roll those dice!

How to Play

Start by rolling both dice. Then all players need to quickly figure out what monster card to slap.

The arrows on the Directional Die match the white and purple arrows on the portal, letting you know which way to travel around the portal before slapping.

Five monsters arranged in a circle around the portal disk. Dice show "smallest blue" and "2 clockwise".
Example: Small blue monster & double white arrow: locate the smallest blue monster, then slap the monster two spaces clockwise (red 18).

The first person to slap the correct monster takes it to score. Should two or more people slap it at the same time, re-roll the dice and play a new round.

If you roll an equal sign on the die, slap the monster that matches no matter where it is.

Draw a new monster card and replace the one that was slapped, then get ready to roll the dice again!

Gameplay continues until only two monster cards remain on the table. Then the game stops immediately, and players count up their slapped monster cards. The player with the most cards wins! If there is a tie, the player with single highest numbered monster card is the winner.

columns of monster cards. From right: 5 monsters, 3 monsters, 4 monsters, 3 monsters, 3 monsters
The player with the most monsters wins!


My kids love the cute monsters and slapping each other. The dice are big and chunky and fun to roll.

Bigger monsters have bigger numbers and look cooler.


Slap It! is fast paced, zany and chaotic fun! It feels unique because you roll dice to see which monster to slap. It’s simple and easy, and “even grandparents can play it”. Kids can play with other kids without adult help.

Hand slapping a red monster in Slap It! Dice show "largest red" and "two counterclockwise"
Slap It!

There’s almost no down time, and every game will be different, due to the random combos of the dice rolls.

Slap It! will challenge your brain to process the two dice as quickly as possible. It will definitely test your hand-eye coordination.

Gentle on Little Monsters

I like that if you slap the wrong card you’re not penalized with negative points.

The rule book even includes a variant that “is to help players of unequal slapping talents.” In this variant, players must line up acquired monsters in front of them, and then slap each one before slapping the monster specified by the dice roll.

The rule can be applied to every player or just your specific “quick draw McGraw”.

Slap It! game


We give Slap It! 4 out of 5 big blue monsters. Find it for $15 or less on Amazon or in your local game store.

The Family Gamers received a copy of Slap It! from Renegade Game Studios for this review.

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Slap It!
  • Big Blue Monsters


Number of Players: 2–8

Age Range: 7+

Playtime: 10-15 minutes