SNAP Review – Who Did It?

Who Did It? soft emoji case

Who Did It? is a game of memory, deduction, and rapid discarding from Blue Orange. Prove that your pet didn’t do the poo!

Who Did It? rabbit and fish

It wasn’t my rabbit, it was your… fish?

Who Did It? is a speed discard game.

No getting around it, this is a game themed around poop. But not graphically. It only uses the poop emoji; this is just enough for children to find it hilarious.

Race to discard your hand of pet cards. Every time you discard, name a pet that the other players must race to get rid of.

Keep track of what pets have already been named! If you name one that no one has, you lose the round and take a “poop token”.

If you can discard your entire hand, you are safe for the round.

Fun, quick. Kids find it hilarious, adults less so. If it’s specifically the “poop” that bothers you, you can substitute. “Who left chocolate ice cream on the carpet?”

Who Did It? is about passing blame. If you don’t want your children to potentially copy this behavior, steer clear.


Who Did It? cat with poop tokens

Poor kitty!


Available for around $15 on Amazon or wherever you find Blue Orange games.


The Family Gamers received a review copy of Who Did It? from Blue Orange Games.

Who Did It?
  • For Kids
  • For Parents


Number of Players: 3-6
Age Range: 6+ (we say 5-12)
Playtime: 20 minutes