SNAP Review – Squeezamals: Freeze N Squeeze

Let’s go get some ice cream, with the Squeezamals Freeze ‘N’ Squeeze game from Big G Creative. Whether your kids already love Squeezamals or have never heard of them, they’ll have squeezy, freezy, frantic fun with this fast-moving game.

Hear Nick & Izzy’s thoughts in less than 4 minutes, or read on below.

The object of Freeze ‘N’ Squeeze is to be the one with the most coins when another player has spent all of their coins on tasty frozen treats.


To begin, each player gets three coins, and all sit in a circle within easy reach of each other. One player receives the spinner and the sundae tiles (number side up). The player to the left of the spinner holds the Squeezamals plush.Freeze N Squeeze - Squeezamals game

When you have the spinner and tiles in front of you, it is your turn to spin. If your spin lands on an ice cream, flip over one of the banana split tiles and shout out the number. Then spin again! Once you’ve flipped over all the tiles, shout “FREEZE!” The player holding the Squeezamal pays for your ice cream. Then pass the spinner and tiles to the person on your left.

The game ends when someone has been forced to spend all their money. The player with the most coins remaining wins!


Izzy loves the ice cream theme and the Squeezamal plush (it smells like watermelon!) The art on the tiles looks yummy.

Nick loves how easy this game is to teach and to play for kids. It’s a twist on “hot potato”, with the addition of the coins and the spinner. It’s definitely a kids’ game; they get excited in game play. For parents, it’s more fun to watch than to play.

It’s a Target exclusive, with a special unicorn Squeezamal.



The Family Gamers received a copy of Squeezamals Freeze ‘N’ Squeeze Game from Big G Creative for this review.

Squeezamal Freeze 'N' Squeeze Game
  • For Kids
  • For Adults


Number of Players: 4-8
Age Range: 6+
Playtime: 15-20 minutes