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Fight for Olympus Board

Episode 214 – Andrew’s Favorite Games

This week, we’re celebrating Andrew’s birthday by focusing on a few games he’d really like to play.

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What We’ve Been Playing

Pan Am (Funko Games) – we are amazed at how different this feels at each player count!

Castles of Caladale (Renegade) – love how this game does not penalize less-than-great decisions.

Mountains (HABA) – from the same kid who last week requested Go Away Monster! Parents with young kids, don’t lose hope if they request very simple games; it won’t last forever.

Timeline: American History (Asmodee) – We digress to talk about how events from the 1990s don’t feel like they belong in a “history” game.

In A Flash Firefighters (HABA) – This feels odd when played with only adults: drinking game? Our review.

The Crew (KOSMOS) – Communication needs to be so careful in this cooperative game.

Fight for Olympus (Mayfair / Asmodee)

Bring Your Own Book (Gamewright) – Now that (most of) our kids are old enough, we can play this as a family! But it’s out of print :(

Just One (Repos) – I am consistently amazed at how much fun we’ve had, even making it work with our pre-reader. And the cooperative nature of the game means that everyone always wants everyone else to win.

For Science! (Thanks Flip)

Last week, Flip mentioned he was sending us something… it was Smartfood Crunchberries popcorn mix! We give you our mixed thoughts on this strange food combination.

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In a Flash Firefighters game

SNAP Review – In A Flash Firefighters

Which firefighter can race and untangle their hoses first? Elliot helps us review this speedy pattern-matching game from HABA.

See more pictures and read our transcript at the SNAP review page.

Andrew’s Favorite Games

Since it was recently Andrew’s birthday month, we decided to ask him about a few of his favorite games.

Game for Our Whole Family

Requirements for our family situation: not a speed game. Works with a pre-reader; strong iconography. Visually engaging. Has to allow for five players.

Andrew’s choice:

Quacks of Quedlinburg (with the Herb Witches expansion to bring it to 5 players) – from North Star Games.

Runner up: Horrified

To Play With Gamer Buddies

Andrew debates the merits of Tzolk’in or Teotihucan or Roll Player… but ends up with:

Ethnos (from CMON)

Why doesn’t Anitra like Ethnos? It’s hard to nail down.

Two Player Game

Fight for Olympus (Mayfair / Asmodee)

There are so many great two player games we could choose from, but this one fits just right for where we are right now. Plenty of choices, but not too deep. “The summer blockbuster of boardgames”. Neither heavy nor fluffy. A good game to decompress with.

Runners up: Triplock and Akrotiri

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