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Welcome back to friend of The Family Gamers, Flip Florey!

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Episode 100 of Flip Florey’s Super Saturday Boardgame Serial is coming on Saturday! We can’t give away any secrets, but it’s going to be great.

What We’ve Been Playing

Mariposas (AEG) – feels a little short, but that’s OK. Wondering if we’ll like it better at more than two players.

Monster Match (Happy Planet) – our review. “Only 75% of the players were in tears!”

Ticket to Ride (Days of Wonder) – our gateway game of choice. We recommend the “Stay At Home” print-and-play map if you want a little variety without spending much money.

Illusion (Pandasaurus) – Not completely color-blind friendly, but worth it. Put cards in order by the percentage of a given color. Call another player’s bluff and flip over the cards – if you’re right, you get the point!

Go Away Monster (Gamewright) – our review. We’re aging out of this one. Highly recommend it as a first game to teach turn-taking.

Barnyard Bunch (HABA) – we review this in the break.

Rhino Hero Super Battle (HABA) – Just plain fun.

In A Flash Firefighters (HABA) – appropriate at any age, but best when all players are at a similar skill level. “A game is always good when you get to yell something at the end.” Review coming soon.

Carcassonne (Z-Man Games) – the expansions have overtaken the original game. We all enjoyed playing this on the XBox 360 more than we like it in person.

Hand moving the duck in Barnyard Bunch

SNAP Review – Barnyard Bunch

Elliot helps us review this charming cooperative game.

Keep the animals from escaping the farm! See the rest of the pictures and read the transcript on our SNAP review page.

Flip Florey

DId we mention Flip created the CUBE action figure? (Pictured at the beginning of these show notes.) “A pet rock for gamers.”

They’re basically a desk toy, but it’s a cute idea and the accessories are really well done.


Flip Florey’s Super Saturday Board Game Serial is a podcast that combines board games and all things “Saturday morning”.

Every episode has a guest, and ends with the guest trying to answer questions and win a prize for a lucky listener.

Episode 100 “takes a page from a popular game released earlier this year.” That’s all he’ll say!

Did we mention that Flip used to work as a party clown? Because of that, he has learned to find joy in small things, and stupid/ridiculous things, but also in well-crafted things. “I’m a professional idiot.”

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And breakfast cereal reviews! We’ll have one coming soon in partnership with Flip.

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