100 – The Family Gamers Podcast – A Celebration of Board Games

A Celebration of Board Games

Welcome to episode 100! We are excited to have made it this far. We have a ton of stuff to share with you. Bear with us for this jam-packed episode which is longer than usual.

What We’re Playing

Gobblet Gobblers with the agent of chaos preschooler (other tic-tac-toe variants popular in our house: Pocket Ops, OK Play, Slideways)

Where’s Mr. Wolf also from Blue Orange

The Tea Dragon Society Card Game, as we mentioned in the last episode.

Incan Gold

Jetpack Joyride the board game (coming soon to Kickstarter, from Lucky Duck games)

Deep Sea Adventure

What Other People Have To Say

Thanks for the positive thoughts, James from Little Meeples!

We talk to Corey, Andrew’s best friend and one of the first writers for The Family Gamers. Check out his review of Downforce.

Thanks, Ryan from One Board Family!

We talk to Nick, one of our newer writers, about both board games and video games. We absolutely loved his review of Century: Spice Road.

Thanks, Max Davie from Games 4 Families! We’re honored by your response.

Anitra talks to Dave, our newest writer… and parent of teenagers.

Thanks, Stephen from Engaged Family Gaming! We really appreciate your friendship.

Thanks Gamer Leaf and Little Gamer Leaf!
(music: Magellan by You Bred Raptors?)

Why We Love Board Games

Andrew’s early memories of board games: his favorite was Mille Bornes. Anitra played a lot of Monopoly, Rack-O, and Troke. She also loved “The Great Blizzard” game (it’s not good, folks).

We both transitioned towards playing more video games, and got back into board games in a big way around the time our daughter was 4.

Andrew has been in podcasting for a long time. He started with dabbling in video games journalism and especially loved Contrast (be aware, rated T). He eventually pivoted to board games (around the time our family became more interested in board games in general). Then he dragged Anitra in, and The Family Gamers was born.


We are so excited when we get an email from our listeners. Joseph R. sent us an email with another reason why Chick-Fil-A is awesome. Their new kid’s meal toy: a Rory’s Story Cube!


We’re giving away a ton of games to 3 lucky winners. Enter here to win! (I can’t believe we forgot to mention Toasted or Roasted when we read off the games. So sorry!)


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