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Episode 156 - Gen Con 2019 Interviews (part 2)

12 times 12 plus 12! It’s going to be another great episode. This is our second episode of Gen Con interviews recorded by Nick Martinelli.

What We’ve Been Playing

Trogdor!! The Board Game – Anitra was not as impressed as Andrew had been.

Trapper Keeper Game – Another game with a silly theme. Set collection with a few interesting twists and a huge nostalgia factor.

Die Hard: The Nakatomi Heist – we’ve already talked about this, but we knew as soon as we saw it that we needed a copy. Played Act 1 with our son, but played the whole game with friends, and it came down to the wire at the very end. A lucky card draw swayed the day in favor of the thieves.

Go Cuckoo! – SNAP review coming Friday, this is a fun and fairly simple dexterity game from HABA.

Panic Island from Blue Orange – this is a speed memory game we first saw at Origins; our kid who loves speed games liked it, our kid who loves memory games liked it, and so did everyone else. Very well done and we can’t wait to tell you more!


A nice note from Mike, who ran a huge minis game at TotalCon.

We also got a very nice piece of “real mail” from long-time fan Gordon.

Kids! Ask your parents to help email us (see below) and we’ll have our kids read it! What kind of games do you like to play (with parents, aunts and uncles, friends, siblings)?


Let’s hop right in! We’ve got about 50 minutes of interviews in this show. Timestamps included for your convenience.

(0:12:00) Mattel with Emmorie Jossie

Silicon Valley Startups

adaptions of UNO and Lowdown – a new dice game

Maury Povich “Not the Father” game

Pictionary Air

Follow them on Twitter @Mattel, of course.

(0:16:05) Good Games with Jamie Lawrence

Fairy Season – You are a goblin, going out into the forest and shaking down fairies to collect their fairy dust. Lots of tricks and traps, setting it apart from other trick taking games.

Fluttering Souls – collect butterflies and make sets.

Unfair – build a theme park tableau. As many themed decks as there are players. The new expansion is titled Unfair Expansion: Alien B-movie Dinosaur Western introducing cards for those respective themes… more will be coming until they have one for each letter of the alphabet.

Find Good Games online at www.goodgamespublishing.com/

(0:24:50) IELLO with Dayanna Ramirez

Farmini, Troll & Dragon, Decrypto, Decrypto Laser Drive
new IELLO games

Ishtar: Gardens of Babylon

LOKI games for kids: SOS Dino, Farmini, Troll & Dragon

Little Town

Decrypto, Decrypto Laser Drive

Ninja Academy

(0:30:50) Green Couch Games with Jason Kotarski

Into the Black Forest – new release

Best Treehouse Ever: Forest of Fun – stands alone, but adds new elements to Best Treehouse Ever play. Listen to our SNAP review.


Fillerwe love this quick game about filling pastries!

Find more at GreenCouchGames.com

@GreenCouchTabletop on Facebook, @GreenCouchGames on Twitter, @GreenCouchTabletop on Instagram

(0:37:30) Grail Games with Stephen

Criss Cross – roll and write by Reiner Knizia

Boomerang – draft cards and write. Theme: to see as many areas and animals of Australia as possible.

Stephenson’s Rocket – “Reiner Knizia’s 18XX lite”. Manipulate shares of rail companies, transport passengers, merge rail lines, etc.

Find them online: grail-games.com

(0:43:35) North Star Games with Bruce Voge

Bruce apparently thinks our recording app is awesome. Find it by searching “VoiceRecorder” on the Apple app store.

Quacks of Quedlinburg: Herb Witches expansion – 5th player, overflow spoon, new books, and new powers with the witches!

Wits & Wagers: Vegas Baby! Lots of improvements to make playing easier and carry the Vegas theme.

Oceans – similar to Evolution, but the central question is “how do I feed all of these species” – coming November to KS backers, January/February to retail.

Dirty Pig – the newest Happy Planet game, we loved Dirty Pig. Kinderspiel “recommend” a few years ago.

Paint the Roses – cooperative game to plant a garden for the Queen of Hearts (Alice in Wonderland) without talking to each other. Coming to Kickstarter in 2020.

Find North Star Games online.

Find Bruce on Twitter: @brucecothinks and @partygamecast

(0:57:40) Grand Gamers Guild with Marc Specter

Shikoku – “the quirkiest racing game”. We agree!

The Artemis Project

Endeavor: Age of Sail – coming soon is Endeavor: Age of Expansion


Find Grand Gamers Guild online and sign up for their newsletter.

(1:00:25) Kids Table Board Gaming with Helaina Cappel

Wreck Raiders – send your divers down to wrecks, bring relics back to museums and make sets

Fossilis – dig dino bones! Move sand, stone, and clay off the board, and use tweezers to take out the bones.

Haunt the House – you are ghosts trying to scare away ghost hunters.

Bugs on Rugs – open drafting and score sets of bugs. Check our preview from last winter!

Find out more at KidsTableBG.com and BurntIslandGames.com

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