178 – Sick Games – The Family Gamers Podcast

Lung 1: one green virus, one yellow virus. Lung 2: one yellow virus, two purple viruses.

Episode 178 – Sick Games

Andrew is sick. Let’s keep this short and talk about games with a sick theme…

What We’ve Been Playing

Azul – from Plan B Games. A rousing success with our children!

Bon Appetit! – from Strawberry Studio

Kingdomino Duel – from Blue Orange Games.

The Grimm Masquerade – from Skybound and Druid City Games (our review)

FUSE – from Renegade Game Studios.

Concept – from Repos.

Get the MacGuffin – from Looney Labs. A perfect one to squeeze in at the end of the night (our review).

Crazy Tower – from Synapses Games (and Luma Imports).

KOI – a beautiful game from Smirk & Laughter where goldfish (koi) are trying to get as much food as possible.

Fluff – from Bananagrams (our review). We gained more practice in graceful winning and losing. “I’d rather deal with it than hear about it later from a third party…”

Dungeon Academy tray holding 16 dice

SNAP Review – Dungeon Academy

We highly enjoy this real-time pathfinding game. Our rating: 4.5/5 stars. See the images and transcript for this SNAP review.

Down with the Sickness

If you are very sick, you should not be playing board games. There’s too much concentration involved, and too much chance you’ll infect other people by spreading germs onto shared pieces or cards.

So let’s talk about our top five games with a theme of disease or sickness instead!

Viral from Arcane Wonders and MESAboardgames (our review) – a fantastic entry-level area-control game. You are a virus (or group of viruses) infecting a human body.

Bad Doctor: Pizza Face, one treatment

Bad Doctor from Mayday Games (our review) – the art style would make you think that this is an “adult” game (almost like a political cartoon), but it’s appropriate for most older kids. You are a bad doctor, and you don’t actually care if a patient dies, as long as it doesn’t happen on your turn.

Organ ATTACK! from Awkward Yeti – a casual game all about the personified body parts often featured on the Awkward Yeti comics. A sort of hand-management game where your goal is to attack other players’ organs, making them atrophy or die, while protecting your own. Although it’s silly, all the maladies and injuries you can play are represented faithfully.

Pandemic (and its spinoffs) from Z-Man Games – Of course we need to include Pandemic on a list of games about sickness. Cure the world, or at least limit outbreaks. Because it’s an open-information cooperative game, you can play it with your kids even though it’s somewhat complex.

Anatomy Fluxx from Looney Labs – Like all Fluxx games, this is easy to pick up and start playing. It’s focused more on the individual body parts, but diseases make up some of the goals and creepers.

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