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Episode 212 Favorite Food Games
Episode 212 Favorite Food Games

Warning: This show may make you hungry!

212 is the area code for Manhattan, and also a set of clothing brands? Who knew. Now you do!

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What We’ve Been Playing

Century Golem (Plan B Games)

Tang Garden (Thundergryph Games) – pushing the boundaries of “boardgames as art”.

Akrotiri (Z-Man Games) – more playing with perspective

Marvel Battleworld (Funko Games) – wait for the SNAP review in the break.

Cities: Skylines (KOSMOS) – PLAY WITH THE SCENARIOS to avoid our frustration.

Similo: History (Horrible Guild) – our Similo review

Cloud City (Blue Orange) – light and quick construction game. Neat! The insert… not so great.

Encore! (from Stronghold, AKA Noch Mal!) – Nick reviewed this, and Anitra finally got a chance to play it.

For Science!

Andrew sings the praises of Cheez-It Duoz: Caramel Popcorn & Cheddar. Looks like it’s already sold out on Amazon: see if you can find it on clearance at a grocery store near you.

Marvel Battleworld

SNAP Review: Marvel Battleworld

Defeat Thanos and collect mini figurines in this luck-heavy collectible game suitable for ages 6+. Asher and Andrew tell you all about it in our SNAP review. Check the website for pictures and a transcript.

Food Games

We are really surprised to see that we have reviewed more than 20 food-themed games! And we’ll be adding more soon, with the Pop-Tarts card game.

In the past, we talked about very kid-friendly food games (episode 146 – only “adult” game was Viticulture). Let’s talk about slightly more grown-up games this time: ones that require reading and/or a bit more critical thinking.


We asked our community members about their favorite food games. Their recommendations:

Food Truck Champion (Daily Magic Games) – set collection with multi-use cards. Looks a little bit like Rocky Road a la Mode, but more complex. Can “match” active player’s chosen action.

Fabled Fruit (Stronghold)

Foodfighters (Kids Table Boardgaming) – A two player battle. Each team is made up of food, of course!

Sushi Roll (Gamewright) – we reviewed this earlier this year.

Burger Up – looks like you stack cards to make the biggest, best burger.

Safranito (Zoch Games, out of print) – dexterity/strategy game about throwing coins to bid for Indian spices.

New York Slice (Bezier Games) – one of the better I-split-you-choose games. And the theming is fantastic.

Just Desserts (Looney Labs) – We’ve seen Chrissy Wissler talk about this several times.

Of course, Go Nuts for Donuts, and Sushi Go! (both from Gamewright)

Truffle Shuffle (AEG) – pyramid-style drafting to create poker-like sets. Some cards could be played as special powers instead. Three rounds, requiring some discarding down at the end of each round.

Morels (Two Lanterns Games) Andrew really wanted to like this game, but it just fell flat.

… if growing food counts, Bohnanza or Reykholt.

Our Food Games

Food Chain Magnate – This would be nice to try, but it’s a Splotter game, so it will take you all day.

Chopstick Mega Dexterity Challenge 3000 – A bit like Sticky Chameleons – except harder! We’d recommend this over Maki Stack.

After a lot of other discussion, Andrew and Anitra each pick 2 food favorites, and 1 food game they’d really like to play.

Sushi Go! Party (Gamewright) – This is our favorite of the Sushi Go! family. There’s a lot of variety here, and accommodates different abilities and player counts with different combinations of cards.

Abandon All Artichokes (also Gamewright) – our SNAP review. Deck de-construction is a very unusual mechanic, but we love how easy it is to pick up and start playing. (Not a fan of the Gamewright tins on our shelves, though.)

Century: Spice Road (Plan B Games) – Nick’s review. We have the Golem edition, but the original has the same play, and is, in fact, food themed.

Filler (Green Couch Games) – Anitra’s review. She loves this for the multi-use cards, the tension to play a card to come earlier in the day or save for ingredient use, and the solo mode.

Anitra really wants to play: Safranito

Andrew really wants to play: Foodfighters (because we can’t possibly spend a whole day playing Food Chain Magnate).

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