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Boston FIG Fest Virtual
Boston FIG Fest Virtual

We got to attend Boston FIG this weekend, in a whole new way. Although it was virtual, they were able to use technology that captured a lot of the “wander around the convention hall” feeling. More on that later!

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What We’ve Been Playing

Boston FIG used a software platform called Gather.Town that allowed you to have a little 2D sprite and walk around the various “halls”. When your sprite got close to another one, a video screen would pop up. You could hear little snippets of conversation. We even met up with people we knew in the “hallway”, and more people gathered into our group and joined the conversation.

It gave a real sense of place that other virtual conventions haven’t had.

Adventure Mart (HUB Games – review out today)

My City (KOSMOS) – hoping we can make this a once-a-week appointment to work through the chapters.

Unmatched: Buffy (Restoration Games) – versus Bruce Lee. One of the most powerful match-ups yet!

Color It! (HABA) – SNAP review below.

Super Powered Smash Masters (Dark Unicorn Games)

Fire Tower (Runaway Parade Games)

Arcane Bakery Clash (Button Shy) – the food theme is fun, plus memory aspect (when to “take a recipe out of the oven”) makes it very challenging!

Color It! game from HABA

SNAP Review – Color It!

An easy-going coloring game. Perfect to introduce younger children to the roll and write genre, or as a calming game in stressful times. Read the transcript and see more pictures.


(26:30) Matthew Sorrentino, Manaworks Games: That’s Wizard

What’s new? Playable on Tabletop Simulator. Solo play and 2-on-2 team play.

Find out more at ThatsWizard.com, or the Facebook group: facebook.com/groups/thatswizard/ and Discord.

(34:50) Gwen & Sam, Runaway Parade Games: Fire Tower

We have enjoyed Desert Pack (designed by Gwen & Sam, published by Button Shy) already.

We’re also backers for the Fire Tower expansion, Rising Flames. They’re still hopeful it will fulfill in June, and you can pre-order it now. Included: Fire hawks, more abilities for players who are knocked out, solo mode, fifth player.

New games in development: One about fruit punch, one is a northern woods survival game with dice drafting!

Find out more at RunawayParade.com.

(45:30) Pauline from Hot Banana Games: Steam Up

We got to play this on Tabletop Simulator. It’s all about eating Dim Sum!

Every player is trying to devour as much dim sum as possible, with asymmetric abilities and goals.

Find them @HotBananaGame on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

(49:20) Dylan from Tidbit Games: Crumbs

The trailer is hilarious, and definitely gets the idea across. You play as small animals in a city park. Area control for 2-4 players. Your army of animals is battling for control to conquer the map and get the most breadcrumbs.

Available now, for $45 at TidbitGames.com

Find out more at linktr.ee/TidbitGames

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