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Geocaching is an outdoor game, but it’s more about being outside than about the game – making it perfect for an episode of “Beyond Board Games”!

What we’ve been playing

Anitra is freshly back from CuseCon, a small convention in central New York. She’ll talk about some games this week and some next week.

10 Days in Africa
The Artemis Project
Forbidden Sky
Kim-Joy’s Magic Bakery
The Chameleon
Skulls of Sedlec
Whirling Witchcraft

SNAP Review: Hero Hockey

Hero Hockey is a super-fast 2 player dexterity battle. It delivers exactly what we thought it would – cheap, fast, fun. We guarantee this will be a hit if it’s in your holiday gift list this winter.

You can also watch the video or read the transcript.

Beyond Board Games: Geocaching

“Beyond Board Games” is when we take a step away from our normal topic of board gaming and take a step into something else that we believe is pertinent to families.

This week on the show we have Chris Ronan, who is a senior PR manager for Geocaching.com.

So, what is geocaching?

At the core, geocaching is a game: someone hides a container in the real world for other people to find. After hiding a container, the GPS location gets added to Geocaching.com. Other people can find it, sign the logbook, and re-hide the container in the same space.

Since it’s a game that’s set up by people all over the world, there’s a huge amount of variety – both in terrain and in the difficulty of finding a cache.

There are over 3 million active Geocachers in the world (most use the official mobile app, but some do it the old-fashioned way with a dedicated GPS device).

What about Adventure Lab?

Adventure Lab takes the idea of Geocaching and removes the physical container aspect, making it more of an augmented reality game. A single adventure can have multiple locations, with some sort of clue or code word at each location.

“We’re trying to make everyone an adventurer, and have an adventure in every location”

We think that both Adventure Lab and Geocaching can also pull into “gameschooling” – learning more about locations through the clues and information people leave throughout the game.

How should someone get started with Geocaching?

Download the app, then look for a “1/1” or “1.5/1.5” terrain & difficulty rating. Do a dozen or more caches before looking for harder caches or hiding your own cache.

You can also look for geocaching events in your area. Trade information, learn about the game, and connect with the community in your area!

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