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Episode 270

6 Easy to Teach Games

With more family gatherings (hopefully) just around the corner, what games will you be playing with your family? We pick our top six games that are easy to teach, and get to the fun faster!

We start with our 270 fact (the number of votes a US presidential candidate needs in the electoral college), and then riff on holiday gift options recommended by our sponsor, First Move Financial.

What We’ve Been Playing

Kim-Joy’s Magical Bakery (Skybound Games – review soon)
Block Ness (Blue Orange – our review)
Land v Sea (Good Games – review soon)
Canopy (Weird City Games – review soon)
Hero Hockey (our review)
Batman Fluxx (Looney Labs)
Yummy Yummy Monster Tummy (Lucky Duck Kids – highly recommended!)
Kids Chronicles: Quest for the Moon Key (Lucky Duck Kids – and makes Anitra’s mom have adorable moments with her grandson!)
Disney’s Kingdom Hearts Perilous Pursuit (The Op)
Cuphead: Fast Rolling Dice Game (The Op)
Similo: Myths (Horrible Guild / Luma Imports)

We’re really looking forward to trying Quests of Yore from The Op! We’re going to have our 10-year-old be the “quest master”.

The Pumpkin Problem (most recent Holiday Hijinks mini-mystery from Grand Gamers Guild)
Disney It’s a Small World (Funko Games – review linked below)

Disney It's A Small World

SNAP Review – Disney It’s A Small World

Corey and Sasha review this nostalgic and delightful game for young kids and their grownups.

Watch the video or read the transcript.


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Andrew and Anitra try the “fruity cereal” flavor Kit Kat. Not recommended.

6 Games That Are Easy to Teach

We tried for a variety of different games here, so there’s sure to be at least one or two that will work for your family.

Kingdomino – Play the dominoes into your 5×5 kingdom. Match land types and try to maximize crowns in each land area.

Drop It – Choose a shape, drop it into the play field. Score it as long as it avoids touching the same shape and the same color.

5er Finden – Find and circle as many different shapes as you can that use all 5 symbols rolled on the dice.

Just One – All players but one write down a one-word clue to get the guesser to find the secret word. But before revealing them to the guesser, any duplicate clues have to be erased!

Super Cats – Su-per, Cats! Throw 0-5 fingers. The player with the highest unique number gets to transform one of their cats into a super cat. Later, the hero controls Robo-Dog and all the other cats band together to defeat Robo-dog!

Wingspan (With the Quick Start Swift Start Pack) – This is a meatier game, but with the quick start, you’ll learn how to play during your first 3 turns, and then be ready to go for the rest of the game. (Andrew called this the “quick start”, but it’s actually sold as the “swift start pack”. It’s included in all Wingspan copies printed after August 2019.)

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