SNAP Review – Super Cats

Super Cats game

Calling all brave cats!

A giant robotic dog is threatening to destroy all the cat food factories.

Assemble your brave team to face down the robo-dog. The cats of the world are depending on you!

Super Cats is a fast paced silly game for 3-6 players from The OP. It was designed by Antoine Bauza, Corentin Lebrat, Ludovic Maublanc, Nicolas Oury, and Théo Rivière. We’ll tell you about it in 5 minutes, with help from our youngest cat-lover.

How to Play

Lay the six activation cards out where all players can see them.

Cards with cartoon hands, showing 0-5 fingers
Activation cards tell you what action the winner takes, according to the number they chose.

Each person takes a set of five cat cards and places them in a row, cat-side up. You’re ready to transform!

Cat Rounds

In a round, all players shout “Su-per Cats!” and hold up a hand, showing any number of fingers (0-5). The player who is showing the largest unique number wins this round.

They apply the effect shown by the activation card matching their number: They’ll get to flip at least one of their cat cards to its “super cat” side, but may have to give an advantage to other players (if they won with a 4 or 5), or they may get a bonus themselves (if they threw a 0 or 1).

Hands holding up 4 fingers, 2 fingers, 1 finger, over sets of cat cards.
Mr. Four Fingers wins this round, and will flip over one of their cats and one of another player’s cats to their super side.

Continue the rounds until one player transforms their fifth cat into a superhero. Their team of super cats are the heroes and ready to face down the robo-dog!

Robo-Dog Rounds

Set up the 12 Robo-Dog cards for the hero team to fight. All other players will now play as the Robo-Dog.

five super cats face down the 12-card robot dog
Ready to fight the Robo-Dog

All players shout “Ro-Bo-Dog!” and hold out one hand as before.

If the hero player manages to show a unique number, they discard cards from the Robo-Dog equal to the number they held up. If the hero raises a number that matches one (or more) of their doggy opponents, their attack is blocked, and the Robo-Dog damages their fighters! The hero flips some of their Super Cats back over to their regular side.

Hands holding up various numbers of fingers over super cat cards and robo-dog cards
Cats (holding 2 fingers) do not match anyone! They would flip 2 Robo-Dog cards. [We did not use enough “dog” hands for this picture.]

If the Hero discards the last piece of the Robo-Dog, they win! If all the Super Cats become regular cats again, the Robo-Dog team wins.


Super Cats is cute, fast, and funny. Trying to not match in the first round and then intentionally match in the second round keeps things interesting. It flips the game on its head and makes you think differently so you can’t get stuck in a rut when playing.

The game is well set up with variations for different player counts in the Robo-Dog round. With three players, the “dogs” get to use both hands to try to catch the super cat with as many numbers as possible (although this is not as easy as it sounds!) With five or six players, the Super Cat gets 1-2 extra “helper” cats (Silver & Gold) that will absorb some of Robo-Dog’s hits.

Silver super hero cat card, Gold card showing a puff of smoke
Silver and Gold cats can absorb all hits one turn, then vanish.

There’s not a whole lot of strategy in Super Cats. It’s just a silly, simple game that nearly anyone can play. The recommended age range is 8+, but younger kids can play if they won’t be frustrated by trying to quickly negotiate their fingers to settle on a number.

Fun for Every Cat and Kitten

No matter how many players we’ve tried, a game of Super Cats rarely takes more than 15 minutes. It’s a great quick filler for all ages to play together.

Our games have always felt more friendly than cut-throat competitive, in part because the second half of the game requires teaming up from all the players who didn’t win the first half.

Since it’s in a very small box, the game is easy to pack up and bring anywhere. It’s convenient and very easy to learn.

And even friends who don’t care for cats like the game because it’s not ALL cats ;)

We rate Super Cats 4.5 superhero cats out of 5.

Find it for about $10 on Amazon, at The OP store, or ask for it at your local game store.

With six varieties of super-powered cats, you’re sure to find one you like.

The Family Gamers received a copy of Super Cats from The OP for this review.

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Super Cats
  • Super Powered Cats


Number of Players: 3-6

Age Range: 8+ (we say 5+)

Playtime: 10-15 minutes