274 – Best of 2021 – The Family Gamers Podcast

Best of 2021
Best of 2021

We review our top played games of 2021 and also the games we gave top ratings.

But first, a fact! Royal Caribbean is planning a record-breaking 274-night world cruise that will visit all seven continents.

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What We’ve Been Playing

Unmatched: Battle of Legends Volume 2 (Restoration Games)
Agropolis (Button Shy)
Ugly Gryphon Inn (Button Shy)
Skulls of Sedlec (Button Shy)
Quests of Yore (The OP – this is a true RPG)
Chai (Steeped Games)
Quacks of Quedlinburg
So Clover! (Repos Productions)
Unusual Suspects (Asmodee)
Similo (our review)

SNAP Review – Monster Bash

Nick and Izzy review this simple math game for monsters of all ages.

The Family Gamers Community

Welcome to our new members!

2021 Recap – Best of the Year

Back in Episode 250, we predicted our most-played games for 2021. Andrew said Merchants of Magick, Anitra said “something I haven’t played yet.” Were we correct? No.

Anitra’s top two most-played games were Block Ness and Zombie Kidz Evolution (which were already in the most-played list in June).

BUT! Her number three is Super Mega Lucky Box, which we first played in August.

Our kids have been loving Zombie Kidz Evolution and Zombie Teenz Evolution.

Merchants of Magick was not Andrew’s most played, but it is in the top three. “The only game I’ve played solo this year.” Above it were Fleet: The Dice Game and Pandemic Legacy: Season 0.

Anitra rounds out her most-played games with Ice Duo, which she’s only had for six weeks and she’s already played 10 times.

We explain the board game stats concept of H-index.

Anitra’s top games include My City, Quatorze, and Grove, Calico, and Lucky Numbers.

What would you like to play more in 2022?

Andrew – Sola Fide

Anitra – Merchants of Magick

What game(s) do we most want to play on the “Shelf of Opportunity”?

Anitra – (Gizmos and) Taverns of Tiefenthal.

Andrew – Sorcerer City

Top rated games in 2021

We’re a little surprised at the variety in these six games.

Decktective: Bloody-red roses

Kombo Klash

Rhino Hero Junior

Disney It’s a Small World

Stop Thief – deserves a second look.

The Adventures of Robin Hood

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