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Endangered: A game of survival by Joe Hopkins

Episode 280
Year of the Tiger
Top 5 Tiger Games

2022 is the Year of the Tiger in the Chinese zodiac. So why not talk about some board games you can play with tigers in them? (We did this in 2020 for Year of the Rat.)

What We’ve Been Playing

Juicy Fruits
Arch Ravels
Skulls of Sedlec
Unmatched (part of Friday Night Fights with One Board Family)
Skull King


SNAP Review – Riftforce

Andrew practices his “in a world” voice as we introduce this two player card-battling game. Watch the video or read the transcript here.

Welcome to our new community member

Let’s welcome our new member this week: Megan Aileen.Thanks for joining!

Top 5 Tiger Games

Happy New Year! In the Chinese zodiac, this is the year of the tiger. So how about some board games you could play with tigers in them?

  1. Endangered – with a giant tiger face on the front of the box! We are big fans of this cooperative game.
  2. Animal Kingdoms – win the favor of various animal rulers in this area control game. (Animal Kingdoms: Roar & Write also has tigers, but is a bit more complicated to get started with.)
  3. Honga – Honga is a cute saber-tooth tiger in this action-selection game for all ages. Will you pet Honga with one of your actions, or risk him taking away your stuff?
  4. The Huntress in Dice Throne Season Two – she has an animal companion named Nyra who is a tiger.
  5. Onitama – One of the movement cards is Tiger.

Now let’s get a bit sillier…

  1. Cow, Tiger, Santa Claus – it’s in the name! Tiger is one of the “medium” difficulty objects to search for in this car-trip game.
  2. Calico – with a beautiful orange tiger… striped cat. Housecats are tigers in their hearts, right?
  3. Isle of Cats – rescue these beautiful cats!

What tiger-themed games does your family enjoy?

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