29 – The Family Gamers Podcast – with Kevin Craine

Kevin Craine

We talk new games for us, old games for our kids, and fast food advertising. Then we interview the creator of Robit Riddle, Kevin Craine!

What we played recently:

Ticket to Ride Pennsylvania (which one of two maps in the United Kingdom expansion)
Battle Goats – like a cross between War and Memory, with special powers. Expect a review in a few weeks.
The kids have been playing Battleship and Mastermind.

Burger King crownAndrew highly recommends the new Tomb Raider: Rise of the Tomb Raider. (Not for kids, though!)

We talk Burger King and the self-conscious advertising on the kids’ meal bag. Good job, Burger King! It’s helping us to teach our kids to be more aware of the advertising being targeted towards them.

Kevin Craine is the creator of Robit Riddle (which we recently reviewed) and founder of Baba Geek Games. We talk about the art of John Ariosa (“why are you working on my game?”), influences in his life that helped shape the game, and about his other project, the Granite Game Summit (Spring 2017 event is scheduled for April 7-9 in Nashua, NH).