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How do you set up a family game night? When we’re all so busy, how do we make time?

292 Fact – someone set a record by watching the most recent Spider-Man movie (No Way Home) 292 times!

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25 Words or Less
So Clover
Master Word – definitely for gamers!
Unmatched: Jurassic Park, Dr. Sattler vs. T-Rex
Goonies: Coded Chronicles (Escape with One Eyed Willy’s Rich Stuff)
Under Falling Skies
Qwingo – unfortunately out of print. If you find this at a thrift store, GRAB IT!

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SNAP Review – 25 Words or Less

In this word-guessing game, you’re limited by how many words you can use – AND a timer! Is this too much pressure for a family game? Read the transcript or watch the video of our review.

Making Time for Family Game Night

How do we figure out how to make time for gaming? Anitra wrote a blog post on this a while ago: www.thefamilygamers.com/make-time-for-games/

It’s great to have a dedicated family game time! But how?


Just like we talked about 2 weeks ago (oops, 4 weeks ago!) – you want to make the most of this time!

  1. Make sure you know the game if you’re teaching.
  2. Pick games that everyone can play and will enjoy. (Choices are fine, but keep them limited.)
  3. What if you have a specific game in mind? Tell everyone. Plan the time. Set it up before getting the family to the table.

Pick a Game that Fits the Time

Pick a game that fits the time you have. 10 minutes between breakfast and the school bus? Play something short & easy.

Maybe set up a game that can be played asynchronously, each family member taking a turn when they pass the table throughout the week.

Or maybe you simply plan to play in 10-minute chunks!

Foster a Culture of Gaming

If Family Game Night is going to be a thing for your family, it should be part of the regular routine and culture. Much like you can foster a culture of reading – by reading to your children and letting them see you read. Play games with your kids but also let them see you playing without them. “It’s just what we do.”

It doesn’t mean that it always has to be the whole family. Even though we have 5 people in our family, most of our games played are with only 2-3 people!

It does mean playing what your kids want to play, even if it’s UNO or Candyland.

Screen Free Environment

Not all the time, but try a devoted night or afternoon that is no-screens-allowed. Parents, set the example here but enforce it too!

This will help you create space and time for board games, but doesn’t have to result in board games.

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