300 – EPISODE 300! – The Family Gamers Podcast


Can you believe it? This is the 300th episode of The Family Gamers podcast.

Fact – 300 is the highest possible score in 10-pin bowling. Video: How hidden technology transformed bowling.

If you miss a single pin, you can only score a max of 290 – and unless that’s at the very beginning or end, the max score is closer to 279.

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What We’ve Been Playing

even more Santorini
UNDO: Cherry Blossom Festival (review coming next week)
Block Ness (our review)
Sorcerer City
Marvel Dice Throne (our other Dice Throne review) – the battle box is very nice.

News: Magic Mountain won the Kinderspiel des Jahres! We love this silly game (our review).

The Monthly Report (June)

Andrew: 27 plays of 19 games. H-index: 2
Anitra: 57 plays of 31 games. H-index: 3

Our most played game: The Key: Theft at Cliffrock Villa – which we thought we were about to give away!

Anitra’s other most played games: The Comic Book Bubble (preview coming soon), Under Falling Skies (our review), A Gentle Rain, Animal upon Animal Junior (our review), Point Salad (review below), Santorini, Unmatched (our Jurassic Park review).

Point Salad

SNAP Review – Point Salad

Is salad a “yuck” or a “yum” in your family? Either way, this fast-moving card game will win over your family.

Read the transcript or watch the video on our SNAP review page.

Welcome new members!

Stop in to The Family Gamers community and say hi! And don’t forget to check out the Sovranti platinum code that Danni shared.

For Science! – KitKat Blueberry Muffin

Less sweet than the other “creme” based KitKats we’ve tried. Still not great, but they get very close to the artificially-flavored blueberry muffins that you can buy in a pouch (Entemann’s, etc.)

Andrew and Anitra get into a whole discussion of fruit-flavored things… and how children like sugar.


Marc from Grand Gamers Guild – it has been a joy and a blessing to become friends with Marc.

Michael from the Gameschooler podcast offered us some “fact searching”, and we’ll take him up on that very soon.

Ryan Deloney thanks us for growing with his kids.

Shaun S sent an email looking for more about kid & toddler games.

Zach! We are always excited to hear from this every-night listener.


We have been doing The Family Gamers Podcast since 2015, but we committed to doing it every week early in 2017, around episode 35. Did we earn our “podcaster merit badge” yet?

But we started this effort when our youngest was a baby! He’s now 8 years old, a fluent reader, and our family gaming looks a lot different than it did back then.

Our experience has attuned us to games that little kids can join in without bringing down everyone else’s game play – and, of course, 5 player games.

As our family changes, our boardgame collection changes to fit.

Andrew tries to guess the game that was our first ever SNAP review.

Anitra admits (regarding SNAPs and the podcast in general): “I was skeptical, and you were right.”


Congratulations to our five giveaway winners!

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