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Gen Con banner - Welcome Gamers
Gen Con banner - Welcome Gamers

305 FactNorthwest Orient Airlines Flight 305 was hijacked by an unidentified man (AKA D. B. Cooper) in 1971. The culprit was never found, but this incident inspired a wave of copycats and led to the introduction of metal detectors and regular searches of travelers’ bags. The FBI’s case investigating the hijacking remained open until 2016.

What We’ve Been Playing

Kabuto Sumo (Board Game Tables)
Familiar Tales (Plaid Hat) – are we doing something wrong? It is tough playing this with kids. (our review)
Word-a-Melon (Banangrams – our review)
Ratzzia (Devir)
Pavlov’s Dogs (9th Level – our review)
GURMS (Bananagrams)
Creature Comforts (KTBG) – a recommended game from our friends at The Game Schooler Podcast

Gen Con highlights from Nick Martinelli

Nick and Bigfoot truck

BIGFOOT: Roll & Smash (XYZ Games)

Hero Quest (Avalon Hill)

Turing Machine (Hachette Games) – we can’t wait!

Sports Dice: Soccer (Foxmind Games with Andy Geremia)

Grand Gamers Guild – Holiday Hijinks Birthday Burglary, Belgian Beer Race, Endangered: Monarchs expansion

Gamewright – Super Mega Lucky Box continues to be a smash hit.
The train game Nick mentions is Loose Caboose.

Renegade Games – Transformers games and My Little Pony deck-building game

Clank! is being republished by Dire Wolf Studios and they are releasing a new version: Clank! Catacombs

Hero Realms (Wise Wizard Games) – check out the digital app

Tiny Acrobats (Matagot)

Winterhaven Woods (Featherstone Games)

Sagrada: Artisans (Floodgate Games) – a legacy game with colored pencils!

Twilight Inscription (Fantasy Flight Games) – a Twilight Imperium roll-and-write

Point City (Flatout Games / AEG) – followup to Point Salad

Point City

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