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Episode 310 Top Rated Games
Episode 310 Top Rated Games

We’ve been reviewing games for a long time, and have rated about a dozen games as “perfect” and about twice as many as “almost perfect”. Do those ratings hold up?

310 fact – We learn about a 310-foot asteroid that will pass (relatively) close to the Earth.

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What We’ve Been Playing

Royal Visit (Iello)
Jekyll vs Hyde (Mandoo / Flat River Group)
Delicious (Pencil First Games)
Tiny Turbo Cars (Horrible Guild / Flat River Group)
Sunset Over Water: Pocket Edition (Pencil First Games)

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Sunset Over Water Pocket Edition

SNAP Review – Sunset Over Water: Pocket Edition

Gorgeous art and tough (but simple) decisions make this a wonderfully accessible game. The “pocket edition” is portable and fits on a small table, without changing the gameplay.

Watch our video review or read the transcript.

Topic: Top-Rated Games

Let’s revisit the games we have ranked most highly over the years. Would we still give them such high rankings?

Dinosaur Tea Party gets a perfect score: 10/10

Drop It (KOSMOS) – we recommend this all the time.
Similo (Horrible Guild) – Yes!
Fairy Season (Good Games) – Nick and his parents still love this game.
5er Finden (HABA) – if you are in the audience for this game, it’s great. A weak 5/5.
Shifting Stones (Gamewright) – also a weak 5/5.
Decktective: Bloody-red roses (dV Giochi) – one-time use, but a mystery that has a brilliant system where every player’s decisions matter. Never seen any mystery/escape that we’ve liked this much.
Kombo Klash (Hub Games) – maybe? We think it’s best at 2 players.
Viral: The Hive expansion (Arcane Wonders) – takes a very good game (Viral) and makes it perfect.
Disney It’s a Small World (Funko Games) – if you have kids 6 and under, this game is perfect to play together.
Animal Upon Animal Junior (HABA) – hits it out of the park for your youngest gamers.
Rhino Hero Junior (HABA) – also perfect for little kids.

Lightning round!

Almost perfect, but not quite (9.5 out of 10). Would we still rate them as highly?

Kingdomino – Anitra says yes, Andrew says no, Kingdomino Origins does it better.
Draftosaurus – yes!
Honga – yes
The Grimm Masquerade – yes
Skulk Hollow – yes (it’s why we were so excited for Maul Peak !)
Mountains – the biggest surprise. Yes.
Downforce expansions (Wild Ride & Danger Circuit) – yes, but we don’t love Downforce as much as Corey (who wrote the reviews)
Unmatched: Cobble & Fog – yes
Unmatched: Battle of Legends Vol 2 – yes
Pan Am: The Game – yes
Stop Thief! – no. It just feels like an older, looser game.
Prisma Arena – Anitra says yes, Andrew says Disney Sorcerer’s Arena: EA does it better.
The Adventures of Robin Hood – we’re torn on this. Feels a little same-y but still fantastic.
Gutenberg – too soon to tell, but we LOVE this game.
Disney Sorcerer’s Arena: Epic Alliances – we reviewed this last week. Too soon to tell.

Find the “stood the test of time” list on our new Hall Of Fame page.

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