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Episode 314
Top (Dozen or so) Games under $20

This week, we talk about some of our favorite “cheap” games… that is, games you can find under $20 just about everywhere.

314 fact

314 is like 3.14… or the mathematical concept of π.

The symbol for Pi was introduced by William Jones in 1706 and made popular by the mathematician Leonhard Euler.

The record for reciting the most number of decimal places of Pi was achieved by Rajveer Meena at VIT University, Vellore, India on 21 March 2015. He was able to recite 70,000 decimal places.

And π has a connection to Egyptian mythology! The vertical height of the pyramids of Giza have the same relationship with the perimeter of their base as the relationship between a circle’s radius and its circumference.

What We’ve Been Playing

FYFE (Pegasus Spiele)
Laniakea (Clemens Gerhards)
Cryptid Cafe (25th Century Games)
Papageno (Helvetiq)

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Ghosts Love Candy Too

SNAP Review – Ghosts Love Candy Too

We think this game is a great fit for families looking for a non-scary Halloween game. It’s very playful.

Watch the video or read the transcript on the SNAP review page.

Games for $20 or Less

Amazon Prime days have just passed, Black Friday is still a month away. We’ll be releasing a holiday gift guide soon, but it’s not out yet.

So we’re revisiting the topic of “budget-friendly” games (episode 208 in 2020, episode 35 “budget games” and episode 62 “Top Target Games” in 2017).

We tried to stick with games that you should be able to find in local, big box stores like Barnes & Noble, Target, or Walmart.

Our top choices for games that are easy to find under $20:

GameWhy we recommend itPrice
Similo (Horrible Guild)A ton of versions, super easy to learn. Great for everyone. (our review)$10 – $12 on Amazon
$10 – $15 at Walmart
Sushi Go! (Gamewright)A good drafting game – not our favorite (that would be Draftosaurus), but you can’t beat the price, even for the more-complex Sushi Go Party!$6.29 on Amazon
$6.29 at Target
$8.72 at Walmart
$12 at Barnes & Noble
The Crew: Quest for Planet Nine
The Crew: Deep Sea (KOSMOS)
Two fantastic games, both full of cooperative trick-taking puzzles to solve. (our review of Quest for Planet Nine)$10 – $15 on Amazon
$10 at Target
$15 at Walmart
$15 at Barnes & Noble
Monopoly Deal (Hasbro)“Like Monopoly but fast and cheap.”
Keeps the fun parts and gets rid of the lengthy roll-and-move mechanic.
$6 at Walmart
$7 at Barnes & Noble
$8 on Amazon
Railroad Ink Challenge (Horrible Guild)or the traditional Railroad Ink, but we prefer the “Challenge” edition. Self-contained roll-and-write.$17 – $20 on Amazon
$17 at Target
$17 – $20 at Walmart
Super Mega Lucky Box (Gamewright)One of our favorite games of 2021. A flip-and-write that feels very Bingo-like. (our review)$17 at Amazon
$17 at Barnes & Noble
Kingdomino (Blue Orange)A modern classic and you can find it everywhere. (our review)
We prefer Kingdomino Origins, which does more, but the original is lovely and simple.
$20 at Amazon
$20 at Target
$20 at Walmart
($30 at Barnes & Noble with expansions)
Ticket to Ride: New York
(Days of Wonder / Asmodee)
Al “bite-size” Ticket to Ride. You could also go for other city versions (London, San Francisco, Amsterdam). Plays in about 20 minutes.$12.50 at Walmart
$13 on Amazon
$20 for TTR: Amsterdam at Barnes & Noble
Deep Sea Adventure (Oink Games)Up to six players, not a lot of space needed… drown your friends!$11 – $23 on Amazon
$20 at Barnes & Noble
$20 at Target
Just One (Repos/Asmodee)A fantastic group game for up to seven players, but it does require writing and keeping a secret.$20 at Amazon
$20 at Walmart
$25 at Barnes & Noble
Pan Am (Funko)Our favorite game of 2020. Often goes on sale for under $20, and we recommend it to anyone looking for a strategic game.$20 at Barnes & Noble
$22 at Amazon
Listed prices are as of October 23, 2022. Amazon affiliate links support The Family Gamers, but do not change your price.

Community contributions:

We also asked the community. Here’s what they recommended:

Point Salad (our review)
Love Letter / Infinity Gauntlet version
Deep Sea Adventure
7 Wonders Duel
Welcome To… (our review)
Campfire Smokeout (contact Jeff Johnston, Pair of Jacks Games)
Zombie Dice (a long time favorite of ours)
Abandon All Artichokes
That’s Pretty Clever!
Berried Treasure
Best Treehouse Ever (our review of the stand-alone expansion/sequel)
Sunny Day Sardines (our review)
Mint Works

Do you have comments or a favorite “cheap” game we didn’t include? Let us know!

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