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Episode 208 - Games under $20

Looking to add a little variety to your game library without spending too much money? We recommend several new(ish) games you can find for under $20.

208 fact: “When You Dish Upon a Star” is the 208th episode of the Simpsons – the 5th episode of season 10. So long ago! (More info: https://simpsons.fandom.com/wiki/When_You_Dish_Upon_a_Star)

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What We’ve Been Playing

Endangered from Grand Gamers Guild (our review) – after talking to Marc Specter last week, we set up and played with the Giant Pandas. We will be backing the Kickstarter for Endangered: New Species.

5er Finden from HABA – we cannot get enough of this roll and write. (Proof on Twitter: twitter.com/TheOneTAR/status/1295577830948876288)

Barnyard Bunch from HABA – we played with only big kids, but had a great time with it. Kids made silly animal sounds every time they moved an animal.

Cupcake Academy from Blue Orange – we enjoyed this much more at two and three players. Requires a level of cooperation and teamwork that we don’t normally get to see in games.

Drop It from KOSMOS (our review) – an all-ages favorite (We agree with Dad Suggests on Twitter: twitter.com/FamilyGamersAA/status/1296787977662758914)

Super Cats game - hands showing 4 fingers, 2 fingers, 1 finger

SNAP Review – Super Cats

We love this silly, fast game, and so does 6-year-old Elliot. He’ll tell you all about the Super Cats and the Robo-Dog. See the rest of the pictures and the transcript at our SNAP review page.

Games Under $20

How can you add variety to your family game library without breaking the bank? We’ve got a few unusual games for under $20.

GameOur ReviewPrice
5er Finden (HABA)(no review yet, but we love it)$20 on Amazon
Abandon All Artichokes (Gamewright)We rate it 4.5 /5 vegetables $13 on Amazon
(Most Gamewright games are under $20)
Clip Cut Parks (Renegade)We rate it 3.5 / 5 park squares
Not our favorite, but certainly unusual.
$19 on Amazon
5 Minute Dungeon,
5 Minute Marvel (Spin Master)
Our boys love these games.Dungeon: $20 on Amazon
Marvel: $17 on Amazon
Heist: One Team, One Mission (University Games)We rate it 4.5/5 millions of dollars$13 on Amazon
Similo (Myths, History, or Fables) (Horrible Guild & Luma Imports)We rate it 5/5 clues$10 on Amazon
Squire for Hire (Letiman Games)We rate it 4/5 squires$9 on Amazon
Any game from Button Shy.
Split/choose: Tussie Mussie
City building: Sprawlopolis
4X: Universal Rule
18XX: Penny Rails
Bluffing: In Vino Morte or Desert Pack
We’ve reviewed several.
Highly recommended:
Tussie Mussie and
wallet games are $12 on ButtonShyGames.com
Listed prices are as of August 24, 2020.

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