32 – The Family Gamers Podcast – Anticipation!

new year

We talked this week about gifts (’tis the season, after all), new games, and games we are looking forward to in 2017.

But first, what we played!

Stories: The Path of Destinies (free on Playstation Plus until the end of December!) Very fun, but rated T for “violence, blood, and mild language”. For Andrew, it’s a “popcorn” game – like comfort food.

Castles of Mad King Ludwig

Anitra waxes on about boardgamearena.com.

Can’t Stop – a vintage press your luck game

Spray and Play, a temporary glue for LEGO (or similar toys) seems like a great idea.

Some unique gift ideas:

Sending a doll to the American Girl Doll Hospital (for a “checkup” or for major surgery).

A parent-child cooking class (geared for age 3 and up!) from Cooking Schools of America

Probably going to try Panera’s Bakers-in-Training program for a birthday party soon.

Here is what we are already looking forward to in 2017:

Pie Rats of the Carob Bean Farm has just shipped and will be at our house by early January! We have previously talked about this game back in the spring; in episodes 19, 20, and 21.

Windup War is going to print and should be shipping to backers in February. We enjoyed playing it as we’ve mentioned on the show and in our written review.

Campaign Trail – We’ve reviewed Campaign Trail, and as you can guess, we love it and can’t wait to play it again!

Robit Riddle – Here’s our interview with Kevin Craine. Here’s the Robit Riddle review.

Granite Game Summit – coming April 7-9 in Nashua NH. Tickets are $50/person until March 7. And kids are free!

Pandemic Legacy Season 2

Toy Fair 2017 – February 18-21 in New York City.

PAX East – March 10-12 in Boston. Andrew might even be on a panel.

Nintendo Switch looks so cool!

And we saw Rogue One! No spoilers in this show.

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