Episode 326 – Anitra Birthday Edition

Episode 326 - Anitra Birthday Edition
Episode 326 - Anitra Birthday Edition

We’re celebrating Anitra’s birthday this week! What games does she really want to play?

326 Fact

The fastest speed in a wingsuit (male, FAI-approved) is 326.8 km/h (203 mph), achieved by Chris Geiler (USA, b. Australia) at the 2021 USPA National Championships of Wingsuit Flying in Eloy, Arizona, USA, on 26 October 2021.


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What We’ve Been Playing

Fluff (an implementation of Liar’s Dice that we reviewed)
Flashback: Zombie Kidz (A short demo – you can try it too)
MicroMacro Crime City
Hedgehog Hop (by Seppy Yoon / Fight in a Box)
Star Trek Super Skill Pinball (Lower Decks board might be kind of broken.)

Giveaway Winners!

The winners of our December giveaways have all received their games – some are even posting on the Facebook community about them!

Anomia Pop Culture

SNAP Review – Anomia Pop Culture

We really enjoyed this sequel to one of our favorite party games. What’s “anomia”? Well its, uh… I knew it… it was right on the tip of my tongue!

Watch the video or read the transcript for this review.

Welcome new members

Stop in and say hi!

And if you live anywhere near North Carolina, you could come see us at Tantrum Con next month!

Five Games Anitra Wants to Play Right Now

Imhotep – Anitra loves the tactile experience of physically building with blocks. Every player is working towards building Egyptian monuments – but you want to do the best. There’s a little bit of meanness in moving “boats” to bring your opponents’ blocks to places that are not what they planned. We reviewed Imhotep: The Duel, which is a great game, but Anitra still prefers the full game.

Jekyll vs. Hyde (our review) – Two player, adversarial trick-taking, and fast!

Three Sisters – It’s very odd that Andrew likes Fleet: The Dice Game better and Anitra prefers this one. Anitra says “I want to explore it more.”

Turing Machine – “I can’t get enough.” We’ve talked about it a lot in recent episodes.

Endangered (our review) – It’s been a minute since our review. This is the only cooperative game on Anitra’s list, with an interesting dice-worker-placement mechanic, while balancing habitat loss, animal breeding, influencing ambassadors, and making improvements. This isn’t a “hero” game, instead it’s definitely a teamwork game modeled after what people really do. We have all the expansions which leaves us with so much to try!

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