Episode 336 – Most Played Board Games

Giving a clue in Similo
Giving a clue in Similo

Episode 336
Most Played Board Games

In our Family Gamers Community chat, we’ve been asked to make some lists for the podcast. So this week will be the board games that we play the most.

336 Fact

Alexander the Great became the leader of Macedonia in 336 BCE.

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What We’ve Been Playing

Diced Veggies (coming soon from KTBG – we’re so excited!)
Motor City
Anomia Tongue Twisters (free print-and-play)
Across America Fluxx
Dice Cardscheck out the Kickstarter!
Tussie Mussie
Jekyll vs. Hyde (our review)

The Smith family holding Across America Fluxx

SNAP Review – Across America Fluxx

This family-friendly Fluxx version is all about American landmarks and travel. You might even learn something!

Watch the video or read the transcript of this short review.

Welcome to the community

Stop in and say hi!

Most Played Board Games!

Let’s talk about the most popular games played in the Smith household. These aren’t necessarily our favorites. They just make it to the table the most often.

Most Played Games with Kids

Our top most-played games that we usually play with one or more kids.

Anitra’s Drop It, Similo, Panic Island, and Kingdomino. Santorini should probably be on there too, replacing Panic Island, which Anitra hasn’t actually played since 2020 (but she used to play it a LOT).

Andrew’s: Drop It, Similo, and Quacks of Quedlinburg.

These are games that kids can easily join, either because they allow drop-in or because they’re very fast.

Games our community plays a lot with kids:
My First Castle Panic
King of the Dice
Sushi Go
Spot It
Guess Who
(we recommend Dinosaur Tea Party instead)
Sleeping Queens
Zombie Kidz Evolution
Ghost Fightin’ Treasure Hunters
Disney Princess Cupcake Game

Doggy Go
Harry Potter Codenames

Most Played without Kids

Real-life, in person games most often played without any children.

Anitra’s: Tussie Mussie and then solo games like Grove, Sprawlopolis, and A Gentle Rain.

Andrew’s: Draftosaurus, Fleet: the Dice Game, So Clover!

From our community:
Marvel Champions
and all its spin-offs
My Hero Academia
Fantasy Realms
(and Pandemic Legacy) – or maybe Pan Am?
That’s Pretty Clever
Sleeping Gods
The Mind
Deep Sea Adventure

What about on Board Game Arena?

Anitra’s most played on BGA: surprisingly, NOT 6 Nimmt! (AKA “Take 5” in the US). But it’s actually Abandon All Artichokes. Although both are over 100 plays.

Andrew’s most played on BGA: 7 Wonders Duel, Happy City, and Barenpark.

Who Beats Who?

Andrew always beats Anitra at Unmatched. (We can’t wait to see Unmatched: Tales to Amaze – cooperative against a villain!)

Anitra usually beats Andrew at Jekyll vs. Hyde and Deblockle.

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