Episode 340 – Top Games for Four Year Olds

giant numeral 4 superimposed on building blocks

Continuing our lists for specific ages with games for four year olds!

340 Fact

There are only 340 right whales left in the world (estimated).

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What We’ve Been Playing

Castle Panic (Big Box)
Home Sweet Home (or not) – review linked below
Roll to the Top: Journeys (review coming soon)
Fire Tower – enjoy the “shadow of the wood” that makes it possible for knocked-out players to win
Suspects (final case)
Mouse Cheese Cat Cucumber (review out now)
Roller Coaster Rush
Galaxy Trucker (our review)

For Science!

Hot Tamales Fierce Cinnamon Peeps

Surprisingly good! If you want to try them yourself, look at your local grocery store’s Easter clearance, or find them on Amazon.

Andrew and Anitra holding box for Home Sweet Home - or not

SNAP Review – Home Sweet Home (or not)

The concept behind this game system is cute and welcoming, but the typos and component issues left us out in the cold. Why didn’t Home Sweet Home (or not) live up to its potential?

Read the transcript or watch the video of our review.

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giant numeral 4 superimposed on building blocks

Top Ten Games for Four Year Olds

See the full list on our website.

What games do your four year olds love?

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