Episode 363 – Happy Camper Games with Jason Schneider

Episode 363
Happy Camper Games
with Jason Schneider

This week, we are joined by the “Head Camper” at Happy Camper Games – Jason Schneider!

363 Fact

Do you like Wingspan? The largest wingspan for a bird species is 3.63 meters, measured on a Wandering Albatross.

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What We’ve Been Playing

Green Team Wins (a Family Gamers favorite)
Pocket Paragons
Camel Up
Smug Owls (our review)

SNAP Review – Sherlock 13

Can you ask clever questions and deduce the identity of the hidden Criminal?

Sherlock 13 is a deduction game with just 13 cards and paper sheets to record information.

Watch the video of our review or read the transcript.

Jason Schneider, Happy Camper Games

Jason has been working in the board game industry for a long time. Trio is the debut game for his new company, Happy Camper.

Trio’s US debut was at PAX Unplugged, and Jason almost ran out of the game!

Why “Happy Camper”?

Summer camp played a critical role in Jason’s life, and the idea kept coming back over and over.

Jason wants to publish games FOR FAMILIES, should make you think back to summer camp experiences. Trio exemplifies this – it’s easy to learn and plays fast. “Let’s play again!” and reminds us of the kinds of traditional card games we played as kids.

Jason feels strongly about the role camp can have in a kid’s life: some of the proceeds from Happy Camper games will go to fund summer camp scholarships.

We reminisce about summer camp and camping in general. “All you need to do is put up a hammock…” “… and you’ve got to have s’mores.” So what IS doing the real work in a s’more? Andrew and Jason agree it’s the marshmallow. No gatekeeping on what makes a s’more though!

Back to Happy Camper – Jason decided to stick with the name, but keep the branding very simple, no campfire or tent or specific camping item. “Camping is a very personal thing.”

We are thrilled with Happy Camper’s success so far with Trio and hope they’ll keep doing just as well. They’ll be at PAX East, so you will be able to check them out there!

What’s the next game from Happy Camper? “Like Trio, it will have a certain familiarity to it… and it’s a great group game.” And it has a “frenemy” nature to it. That’s all he can tell us, except it will be out before the end of 2024.

Trio is back in stock as of this episode’s date.

Find Happy Camper Games Online:

HappyCamper.games – also a great place to find a local retailer where you could buy Trio!

In person, find them at PAX Unplugged, PAX East, and Gen Con.

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