SNAP Review – Green Team Wins!

Green Team Wins

Editor’s Note 8/2023: This review uses the first edition of Green Team Wins, which came with supplies for 12 players. The second edition, co-published with Goliath Games, only has enough for 6 players. (But more can play – just grab some pencils and paper!)

I don’t get why the Green team always wins. What’s up with that?

Well it’s simple. It says so in the rules. Green Team Wins!


This is a SNAP review for Green Team Wins. Green Team Wins is a party game for, really as many people as you want, but there’s pieces in the box for up to 12 players. [Editor’s note: The version now sold at Target only has supplies for 6 players. Add paper and pencils for more players.]

It was designed by Nathan Thornton and published by 25th Century Games.


Let’s talk about the art in this game.

Who doesn’t love the 80’s and 90’s inspired art? But really, there not a lot in this game. There are purple cards (this or that), blue cards (best of three), and yellow cards (fill in the blank). You’ve also got these two sided cardboard tokens showing what team you’re on, Green or Orange – best if you’re always on the Green team.

Your little whiteboard includes a score tracker, and that’s about it. Of course, you can always make your own art if people are slow to pick an answer.

Whiteboard with the word BUTTER! written on it and a sketched rectangle


So let’s talk about how to play this game.

To start, shuffle together five of each different color card and put the deck face down in the middle of the table. This will give you fifteen questions the whole group will answer. Everyone starts, by the way, on the Orange team.

One person flips over the first card and reads it out loud. I like to read them with dramatic effect, and it’s great when the immediate response is “Oh, man!” It’s just more fun that way – it’s a hard question.

Everyone secretly answers the prompt on their score whiteboard. When everyone is ready, reveal your answers.

Then you compare the answers. Whatever answer is the most common in the group wins! Any Orange player with that answer flips to the Green team and gets a point. Any Green-teamer who answered correctly gets two points and stays on the green team.

But if you’re a Green-teamer who does not answer the most popular answer, you flip to the Orange team. Now you’re on the Orange team, and get no points.

If there’s a tie for the most popular answer, people on the Orange team with one of those answers get nothing. But, like it says, Green Team Wins. So people on the Green team with one of those answers gets two points.

That doesn’t seem fair!

Hey. Green Team Wins!

If everyone has a different answer, everyone flips to, or stays on, the Orange team.

After you play through 15 cards, whoever has the most points wins! (Probably because they’re on the Green team).


This was a game that we heard a fair amount of buzz about online, so we expected it to be a really fun party game.

And, since we’ve played a bunch of party games, we expected it to be easy to drop in, drop out, and for it to be quick to play without having to learn a lot of rules.

Because it’s a party game, we figured it’d probably be more fun with more players.

The name intrigued me – how could you have a team based game and already know which team will win?


What surprised us about Green Team Wins?

Even though we figured this would be a fun party game, I was surprised just how fun this one was to play with our family.

Sometimes we’ll play a party game and we can tell it will be great with all adults, or all kids, but Green Team Wins is a fantastic multi-generational game, and it really exceeded our expectations in that way.

As long as your child can convey the idea of their answer – even if it’s through a drawing – they can play this game. With some patience and allowing a younger child to explain what they drew (or what they wrote), you can make it work.

Our kids loved Green Team Wins. We were laughing around the table the whole time we played.

And hey, you’ll learn about your kids, too.

Green Team Wins can be played with three or four people, but it is definitely better with more. They do need to be committed to staying for the whole length of the game, however.

This fairly small box supports up to 12 players (but really more!) – it’s an absolute steal at $25.

I can’t wait to play this one at after Thanksgiving dinner with the whole extended family at the house.

Oh, man, that’s going to be great.


So what are we going to rate Green Team Wins from 25th Century Games?

This is a party game. If you like party games, you will love this one. We honestly can’t think of anything we’d do any differently to make this game better.

So when this (Star) card comes up, we’re going to fill in the blank with Five Stars out of Five. GREEN TEAM WINS!!!!!

And that’s Green Team Wins, in a SNAP.

This game rules.

Green Team Wins: The Party Game of Thinking like a Winner

Buy Green Team Wins on Amazon, directly from 25th Century Games, from Goliath Games, or ask for it at your local game store.

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Green Team Wins
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Age Range: 10+ (can go much younger)
Number of Players: 3-12 (3-6 in newer editions)
Playtime: 15-20 minutes