Episode 365 – Tantrum Con with Jeremy Pike

Tantrum Con
Tantrum Con

Welcome to Jeremy Pike, staff writer! We’ll talk about how he joined our team, and what he did at Tantrum Con 2024.

365 fact

Why is a year 365 days? Because that’s how many times the Earth spins on its axis while making a complete trip around the sun. And, of course, it’s not exactly 365 either. It’s closer to 365.25, which is why we have an extra day every four years. But it’s a smidgeon less than 365.25, so we skip the leap year every century, except we have one every multiple of 400 years as another slight correction.

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What We’ve Been Playing

Echidna Shuffle
Get Bit! – The new bath-toy theme is cute. Andrew suggests we play this using gingerbread men for the swimmers.
Ecosystem: Savanna (our review)
First in Flight
Mycelia (don’t mistake this for any other mushroom-themed games! It’s pink and adorable. Listen to the interview from PAX Unplugged.)
Redwood – “if Tang Garden and Photosynthesis had a baby, and gave it a photography theme”
Picky Pixie – a competitive clue-giving game from Elizabeth Hargrave & Button Shy. Reminds us a little of Visitor in Blackwood Grove.
D&D Dungeon Scrawlers: Heroes of Waterdeep (review coming soon!)
Holiday Hijinks: The Turkey Trial – the most approachable Holiday Hijinks yet, in our opinion. (The Birthday Burglary is also very good with kids.)
Unmatched: Sun’s Origins

Monthly Report – January

Andrew: 20 plays of 11 unique games. H-index 2 – Pocket Paragons (5 plays), Trio (4 plays)

Anitra: 49 plays of 20 unique games. H-index 4 – Pocket Paragons (10 plays), Calypso (9 times), At the Helm, Trio

Pocket Paragons

SNAP Review – Pocket Paragons

Elliot and Anitra talk about this very quick two player duel. We think it’s a great choice for a portable and fast game.

See the video or read the transcript for our Pocket Paragons review.

Jeremy Pike and Tantrum Con

How did Jeremy get involved with The Family Gamers?

Jeremy found TFG because of his son, Zach, Family Gamers super-fan. From helping Zach write an email to receiving a T-shirt to Tantrum Con 2023, to writer!

What about Tantrum Con?

Tantrum Con is the yearly convention thrown by Tantrum House. And it’s the most kid-friendly convention we’ve ever seen. With a larger location, they stepped up everything this year, including the kids section! They hired a group called “Living Rooms and Lizards” to run D&D style storytelling games for kids.

Everything was bigger – Exhibitor hall, Demo area for pre-release games, etc.

New game highlights at Tantrum Con

Run Run Run! – and the rest of the “2024 Import collection” from 25th Century. (look at that Kickstarter!)

Corps of Discovery: A Game Set in the World of Manifest Destiny – “Lewis & Clark and monsters”

Gems of Iridescia

What else is special about Tantrum Con?

Table-flipping face-offs

Tournameals – learn a game while having a meal together (plus giveaways)

VIP gaming area – for content creators and/or designers to teach games

Play to Win – a lot of cons have this, but it’s always great. There’s a huge variety of games in Play to Win at Tantrum Con.

And the people who are there playing games are just very kind and nice.

You get a goodie bag when you arrive – and kids get kid games in their bag! We love how much respect is shown towards kids, that they can be gamers too.

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