Episode 367 – Mr. Smith Goes to GAMA Expo

The Game Manufacturers Association
The Game Manufacturers Association

Andrew is back home from GAMA Expo! GAMA was kind enough to select The Family Gamers as Hosted Media for this year’s Expo, and we thank them for their support! GAMA is a growing and changing organization and we commend them for their hard work!

367 Fact

We learn about the Model 367 Bipod hybrid flying car. https://newatlas.com/bipod-hybrid-flying-car/19258/

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What We’ve Been Playing

Compile – “like a cross between Smash Up and Hanamikoji“. Draft decks of cards, then

Nidavellir – we found out it’s on Board Game Arena (for paid users)!

Picky Pixie

SNAP Review – Picky Pixie

This compact deduction game will have you guessing about the pixie’s complicated palette. We think it’s best for kids and adults who already like deduction.

Watch the video or read the transcript on our website.

For Science! – On the Road – Claudia Sanders Dinner House

“A whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.”

“The epitome of KFC-southern cooking.”

There was more food than they could eat, but everything was delicious!

GAMA Interviews

0:26:00 Friendly Skeleton with Azkedelia

Trash Talk – a party game about the language barrier between raccoons and possums, using trash items to communicate!

Coming April 5, distributed by Asmodee.

0:30:30 Hawberry Games with Julie

Cake Auf! – make international recipes in a race before your opponents!

Emotional Intelligence – answer this-or-that questions based on an assigned (secret) personality type.

Check them out at the Hawberry Games website.

0:37:30 Pandasaurus with Raina

Mind Up – Draft cards and play them into your sets. But you’ll have to play cards from your hand to “bid” and win the cards you want.

Knarr – Recruit Vikings into your band, activating groups by color.

Courtisans – Play cards to different places around the Queen’s table. Win points depending on each families’ status at the end of the game. A lot of take-that in a fast game.

Faraway – Have a great journey! Cards are scored in the reverse order from which they are played.

Boxtop Pinball – Flick dice down the board. Oops! We didn’t get a picture of this one.

0:42:45 Fireside Games with Justin

Ultimatch – Cooperate to make matches to clear cards out of a pyramid, but use addition or subtraction to make mathematical or color matches as well. Or use two cards to make an exact match – color and number! That lets you draw two cards – one for your hand and one towards a common pool for all players.

Zoomies – dog-walkers with domino tiles. Stay tuned!

0:48:00 Lucky Duck Games with Devon

Kiri-ai: The Duel – a 16-card dueling game. Hit your opponent twice (but always from the front, to be honorable) to win. Available now at LuckyDuckGames.com.

Toriki: the Castaway Island – Survive the island and leave on your own terms! Explore, gather knowledge, and complete your mission.

0:55:15 Skybound Tabletop with Matt

Invincible: Escape from Mars – Social deduction game based on the Amazon show / comic series. But the roles change every round!

Sheep in Disguise – You want to collect flocks of cute sheep (three of a kind).

ContraBanter – A word-smuggling party game. Answer the other team’s question with a story, inserting your secret words. But if you sneak your words well enough, you’ll have to sneak them into the next round’s story as well!

1:02:00 Thunderworks with Jess

Stonespine Architects – a pick-and-pass card drafting game in the Roll Player universe. Available end of April.

Citizens of the Spark – Use unique animal citizens with their own powers in each game. Mostly simultaneous play.

Metrorunner – a sci-fi game with a rondel representing the metro you’re riding around the board. Collect resources, hack the network, and/or finish job assignments.

1:11:30 Pink Hawk Games with Emily

Pirates of the High Teas – Make sets of dishes to serve your captain! Coming to Kickstarter in September.

Good Kitties – Cooperative game of plotting world domination, while avoiding the dog. Probably next year.

Find out more at PinkHawkGames.com

March Madness!

We are putting out extra reviews all month long!

But also check out our Best Family Game brackets. We just finished the round of 32. Go vote in the Sweet Sixteen!

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