Episode 369 – Slider Games – Bite-Sized Fun in 10 Minutes or Less!

Episode 369 - Slider Games - Bite Sized Fun in 10 Minutes or Less!

This week, we’re talking “slider games”. These are bite-sized, ultra-fast games that you can play in 10 minutes or less!

369 Fact

Nikolai Tesla’s obsession with the numbers 3,6,9!

Did you know that all multiples of 3 add to 3, 6, or 9 if you add the digits together?

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What We’ve Been Playing

Kiri-ai: The Duel
Sherlock Solitaire
Time’s Up! Family Edition – this is like Celebrity, which we talked about in episode 35.
La Familia Hort

Monthly Report March

Andrew: 25 plays, 16 unique games H-index:3. Most played: Doomlings, prototypes, and Tin Spin – 40% of plays were at GAMA Expo!

Anitra: 29 plays, 16 unique games H-index: 2. Most played: Skyrockets, Explosion in the Laboratory

Welcome New Members

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Andrew and Elliot with Rush Hour

SNAP Review – Rush Hour

Elliot and Andrew review this classic puzzle game. We think it’s a great activity for traveling!

Watch the video or read the transcript.

Sliders – Ultra-Fast Games

The topic for this podcast came from… not having time to play games lately. The few games we’ve been playing tend to be 10 minutes or less.

These are so fast we wouldn’t even call them filler games! Normally we would play these several time in a row, but you can play them just once.

So when even a filler game is too long, let’s go for a slider game!

  • Skyrockets – so short that if we lose, we usually play again and it’s still less than 15 minutes. More forgiving than most timer-based games. Cooperative.
  • Panic Island – also cooperative, and plays in ONE minute.
  • Get the MacGuffin – up to 12 players! Silly and still very fast.
  • Pocket Paragons – super fast dueling game with lots of options.
  • Kiri-ai: The Duel – another super fast dueling game.
  • Trio – we’ve been playing a lot of this. Even with teaching it, it’s under 10 minutes.
  • Tin Spin – surprisingly fun, incredibly simple.

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