Episode 370 – Bouba/Kiki with Marc Specter

Episode 370 - Bouba/Kiki with Marc Specter
Episode 370 - Bouba/Kiki with Marc Specter

We’re excited to welcome back our friend Marc Specter! We’ll talk about his current Kickstarter and lots of other games coming soon.

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What We’ve Been Playing

Faraway – “a mind bending melange of simple mechanics”
Sherlock Solitaire (review coming soon)
Flashback: Lucy (our review)
Dead Man’s Draw AKA Captain Carcass
What the Heck? (our review)
Roll for It! (our review)
Drop It (our review)
Compile (coming this summer)
Genotype (review coming soon)

Doomlings game

SNAP Review – Doomlings

Doomlings is super cute, and easy to get started. It’s good for light family play without boring heavier gamers.

Watch the video or read the transcript of our Doomlings review.

Grand Gamers Guild with Marc Specter

We first had Marc on the show all the way back in episode 53! Now we are good friends.

What is Bouba/Kiki?

The newest game from Grand Gamers Guild – on Kickstarter until May 3.

This is a party/communication game, based on the Bouba/Kiki effect. We mentally associate certain sounds with certain kinds of shapes. Could you match up with the rest of the table to pick the same one?

Marc always wants you to get a benefit from backing on Kickstarter – so you’ll get a slight discount, and either nicer components or extra packs of cards.

Marc’s not a big fan of stretch goals, but there are a few small ones here.

There’s a campaign (actually, six campaigns) with scenarios that bend the concept!

What is Stroop?

(We talked about Stroop back in episode 53! We’ve been a fan of it ever since.)

There’s a special add-on to this Kickstarter – can you tell us about that?

The Marriage Mix-up – another 18-card Holiday Hijinks. Also from the mind of Jonathan Chaffer!

Back the Kickstarter!


What else is coming from Grand Gamers Guild?

more 18-card escape rooms: The Marriage Mix-up and Endangered Rescue: Galapagos Penguins

La Familia Hort (Nick will be reviewing this)

Words of a Feather (our preview)

The Fog: Escape from Paradise

Deck-building game – Pasaraya: Supermarket Manager

Holiday Hijinks set with 3 more games (10, 11, 12) around the end of the year

more Endangered! A full box set with an Australia theme.

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