41 – The Family Gamers Podcast – PAX East Interviews

Family Gamers Dinosaur at PAX East

This week’s podcast is a compilation of interviews from the show floor at PAX East 2017. Andrew talks to Zoink Games, Andrew Innes (creator of Anomia), Jammed Up Studios, and GameWright.

Zoink LogoFlipping Death

Flipping Death is a colorful platformer video game from Zoink Games. Michael gives us some information about this game: it begins with the main character’s death. Now she must moonlight for the Grim Reaper, and hilarity ensues. Coming soon for Nintendo Switch, PS4, and other platforms.

AnomiaDuple and Anomia

Andrew talks to Andrew Innes, creator of two of our favorite party games: Duple and Anomia. We discuss Anomia X (also known as Anomia Dark), the re-release of Duple, and the upcoming Anomia Kids, a twist on the game using pictures as cues to help young readers.

Why is the game called Anomia? It’s from an old Greek word, literally “no name” or “without a name”. It’s also used in modern medical jargon for an inability to come up with the right word for everyday objects.

Jammed Up Studios LogoThink of the Children

Andrew talks to Adric from Jammed Up Studios, one of the creators of Think of the Children, a co-operative parenting simulator. Work together to keep your children from dying or being taken away as you try to complete other tasks.

Think of the Children is scheduled to be released on Steam on Mother’s Day! Visit www.thinkofthechildrengame.com for more information.


Nora tells us about GameWright’s new releases, starting with Sushi Go Party. Gameplay is similar to Sushi Go, but there is much more variety available to build the deck before gameplay, and a board to help keep track of scoring.

GameWright was also demonstrating Dragonwood, which was released at last year’s PAX East. We have reviewed this game already, but it’s still a great game for families of all ages and an accessible way to bring fantasy gaming to younger children.

Imagine is a new game that plays a bit like charades or pictionary, but layering transparent cards containing pre-made shapes to make your “clue” for guessing. It’s originally a French game that GameWright was able to bring over to the U.S. last fall.

Forbidden Dessert and Forbidden Island are perennial favorites, with good reason. As we’ve said before, these are co-operative games that everyone enjoys.

One of the things that makes GameWright a great “family” publisher is that they keep their games at a relatively low price point, to keep gaming as an affordable hobby for any family.

Lastly, another of our favorites: Bring Your Own Book! Nora gives us a pro-tip: Use books by comedians. Her favorite is Bossypants by Tina Fey. We personally love Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams. No matter where you look in those books, you’re sure to find something good!


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