55 – The Family Gamers Podcast – Chris Nichols, Card Caddy Inventor

Chris Nichols

It’s an odd-numbered show, so that means we have a guest! This week, it is Chris Nichols, inventor of The Card Caddy. The Card Caddy was born of necessity; when Chris’s son was younger, he wanted to play Uno everywhere. The cards were always getting mangled by rubber bands, or slipping out of the crummy paperboard box to scatter everywhere.

We discuss the features of the Card Caddy. It is a hard plastic case that protects your deck of cards, but once opened, it converts to a discard tray. There is a hole in the center, with a bevel that will hold a poker chip. You can keep a first-player token there, and also use the hole to see which game you are keeping in the case.

The goal of the Card Caddy is to make it easier to play cards anywhere you want. Andrew and Anitra relate the struggle of playing a card game (Anomia) while waiting in the airport.

At the beginning of 2017, Chris ran a Kickstarter campaign to begin producing a double-capacity Card Caddy, as well as accessories:

  • A storage box to store dice or tokens with your cards
  • The connector / scorepad – keep two Card Caddys together in your bag. Open it up and use the Cribbage-style pegboard to keep score.
  • Dice tower (still in design)
  • Card shoe (still in design)

The Card Caddy is designed to be very sturdy and heavy-duty. Chris dragged one behind a golf cart to help demonstrate the kind of abuse that it can take!

Find The Card Caddy single-decker for sale on Amazon, or on their website. Double-deckers and accessories will be available soon! The Card Caddy is also on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

If The Card Caddy sounds interesting to you, we are partnering with Chris to give six away! Check out the giveaway on our website.

Card Caddy: red, white, black, green, blue