66 – The Family Gamers Podcast – Dice, Dice, Baby! Our Top 3 Dice Games!


We’ve been doing dice game reviews, and we’ve got dice on the brain this week! Listen as Andrew and Anitra each list their top 3 dice games.

What we’ve been playing

Dairyman (review here)

Scream or Die (currently on Kickstarter).

Dr. Eureka

Connect 4, Go Away Monster, etc. are common games for the kids to pull out and play together.

Video games

Hob from Runic Games (review coming)


Viticulture (online with friends)

Through the Ages (iOS)

Magic Moving Mansion Mania (iOS and Android)



Listener Kyle Nelson shared some press your luck games that depend on cards rather than dice.


Dice games!

Listener favorites:

  • Star Wars Destiny
  • Bears! from Fireside Games
  • Saint Malo (roll and write castle building)
  • Sagrada
  • Wurfel Bohnanza
  • Pandemic: The Cure
  • Alien Frontiers
  • The Voyages of Marco Polo
  • Roll for the Galaxy
  • Roll Player
  • Bang! The Dice Game
  • Eldritch Horror
  • Flatline
  • Fuse
  • Backgammon? Sure, it depends on dice too.

Anitra’s top three:

  1. Batman The Animated Series Dice Game
  2. Knot Dice
  3. Quarriors (with expansions)

Andrew’s top three:

  1. Roll Player
  2. Quarriors / Dice Masters
  3. Zombie Dice / Batman The Animated Series Dice

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