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Jill and Brian Bollinger of Wild East Games

This week’s podcast, we talk to Brian and Jill Bollinger from Wild East Games. We have mentioned their games Pie Rats of the Carob Bean Farm and Pitman in previous episodes. They have a new expansion for Pie Rats, out on Kickstarter now.

Newest Wild East Games

Pie Rats: Curse of the Farmer’s Wife, expansion with new characters and poison – check out the Kickstarter: only 3 days left! $11 for just the expansion or $35 for the bundle. Or check out the original Pie Rats of the Carob Bean Farm.

Pitman – A press your luck bluffing game, closest to a combination of poker and liar’s dice. We liked this at Boston FIG. Coming to Kickstarter spring 2018.

Ill-Tempered Tikis – A light set-collection game, easy to pick up and understand. According to Brian, it “passes the mom test”. Already went through a Kickstarter earlier this year, and is currently available for purchase.

We ask Brian about designing games, and he tells us about how games and game-names come about. (For Pie Rats, the name and theme came first; Pitman was exactly the opposite, as it was almost entirely complete before it had a name.)

More games!

Slap Down – Created by a teenager. Match pairs of cards with dice and be the first to slap both cards in the pair. “The unfriend-maker” – coming soon.

Lightning Dice – Everyone plays at the same time; match your dice to cards. A great quick filler game that keeps everyone engaged. Available now.

Find Wild East Games online at WildEastGames.com, or @WildEastGames on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

You can also email them: brian@wildeastgames.com and jill@wildeastgames.com


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  • Matt Harris

    Hi Brian and Jill,

    My son brought home Lightning Dice after you visited his Games and Gaming class at Great Brook School in Antrim, NH. Our family has heated games! My daughter now has heard about your game Slap Down and wants a copy but your site says “available soon”. Do you know when
    We can buy a copy?