89 – The Family Gamers Podcast – 7 Beautiful Games with Jay Peak

Episode 89: Seven Beautiful Games with Jay Peak

Today, we interview Jay Peak, host of 15 Pieces of Flair and Peak Your Interest. Let’s pique YOUR interest with our picks for prettiest games!

Jay does a segment called 15 Pieces of Flair on Throat Punch Lunch (a biweekly Dice Tower video).

In 15 Pieces of Flair, Jay shows how to make decorations for your game room. Some easy, some challenging. Mostly large scale decor items, not ways to “bling out” your games.

We ask how he gets the boxes under his shelf. (Short answer: 1 inch elastic bands stapled to the shelf.) We’re in luck, he has a video!

He also does videos with his son Owen about games, called Under There Gaming.

Favorite family games in the Peak household?

Animal upon Animal
Ice Cool
Loopin’ Chewie
Push a Monster

Of all of them, Jay says that Ice Cool has the most staying power.

How to find Jay:

Since we’re talking about artwork and making your game room look great, we also talk about beautiful games. In no particular order:

Dixit (and we happen to have a review!)
The Grimm Forest
Blood Rage
Bob Ross: The Art of Chill – Bob Ross’s art is what makes this game.
Codenames: Pictures – the pictures are multi-faceted and weird, but really cool.
Grimslingers – Jay has never played it, but the art is amazing.


Jay recommends some flair project for families! (videos: Wonder Woman collage, Health Potion from One Deck Dungeon) He’s also thinking about re-creating the dinosaur-creature shown on the box for Evolution.)


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