92 – The Family Gamers Podcast – Games to Get You Moving

Episode 92 - Games to Get You Moving

Spring is here, but that doesn’t always mean great weather. We look at some tabletop games that can get your family moving, even if you’re stuck inside.

What We’ve Been Playing

We didn’t go to PAX East, but Andrew did try out Fireball Island at a special event at The Castle in Beverly Massachusetts. You might also want to check out the funding campaign for Levels, the boardgame/videogame cafe they are planning for the Northshore Mall.
He also tried out Morels.
The Grizzled – We’ve now played this 3 times in the last week. Fantastic, simple but difficult cooperative game.
Isle of Skye – “the Carcassonne killer”. Build your individual kingdom, using bidding, secret decisions, and variable objectives. Andrew calls it “the big brother to Kingdomino“.

Dobbers: Quest for the Key – a great intro to deck-building from Spattered Ink, coming soon to Kickstarter. Stay tuned for an interview with the creator in episode 93!

Fairy Tile (our review) – plus Backtalk! Thanks to listener Erik for some suggestions on rule variants. Does your family use house rules and variants? We’ll be addressing this topic more in episode 94, so let us know what you think!

Deep Sea Adventure
Onitama (our review)
Mice & Mystics

Games to Get Moving

It’s spring break here, but the weather’s not great for spending much time outside. What to play to get up and moving?

Funky Chicken (see our video) and Happy Salmon

Flicking games:

Most of our recommendations are dexterity games and flicking games. Remember a lot of flicking games require moving around the table to get the right angle, like pool. (Mars Open Tabletop Golf for example, which should be shipping out to Kickstarter backers within the next few months.)

Back during the Kickstarter, Tantrum House evaluated FlipShips vs. Mars Tabletop Open

Ice Cool – we’ve talked about this before, but it’s really clever and a lot of fun to play.

Flick ‘em Up – Western-themed meeples shooting meeples

Building and Destruction

Terror in Meeple City (AKA Rampage) – as recommended by Max Davie in our last episode.

Rhino Hero Super Battle – more moving around than the first Rhino Hero, since you’re building out as well as up.

For the Youngest Gamers


Silly Street – we forgot to mention that the makers of Silly Street have another game, Animal Act, that encourages even MORE movement.

Think Fun Roll and Play – a giant squishy die, each face contains an activity.

Ridiculous Silliness

Sticky Chameleons (video & review) – if you’ve seen our video, you’ll know this is a game that will not only get your family moving, but also get them laughing.

Classic Games

A classic option you may not have thought of: Charades

Crokinole, as well as any large table games like Bonk or Klask

Two More Unusual Dexterity Games

Pirate Tanks of Skull Rock (will be on Kickstarter late this year from Studio Woe)

Yogi from Gigamic. Draw a card, do what it says (all are actions you must do with your body; most are positions you must hold). If you cannot hold your pose when it’s time to pick up another card, you drop out. (Voodoo has a similar aspect with its curses, but Yogi takes this single idea and runs with it.)

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