Gen Con 2020: Funko Games with Jess Aceti

Gen Con online is shaping up to be just as busy as ever. Listen as we talk to Jess Aceti from Funko Games about some of their exciting new releases!

Last Defense

Funko Games: Last Defense box

A high energy cooperative game. Save the city from monsters in 20 minutes or less!

It uses an app to bring news reports and tell you to move monsters around while the timer is going – and allows you to pause and indicate when a particular monster has been defeated. We were pleasantly surprised that there was almost no reading, so we were easily able to play it with our 6-year-old (although he was easily distracted by the app).

Last Defense is available right now at the Funko shop, Walmart, Amazon, and hopefully at your local gaming store.

Pop-Tarts Game

Did you know there’s a debate over whether Pop-Tarts are better frozen or toasted? That was the inspiration for this game.

The Pop-Tarts Game uses “conveyor belt drafting”. Collect specific sets of cards for bonus points while manipulating the central row (from freezer to toaster).

Funko Games: Pan Am game

Pan Am

Andrew first saw this at New York Toy Fair. This is a game about the golden age of air travel, full of historically significant events and details. You are a fledgling airline and you’re trying to piggyback on the successes of the larger airline Pan Am.

The map depicts actual flight routes, with an unusual projection style to show routes that cross the Arctic Circle.

New in the Funkoverse

Recent releases: Back to the Future 2-pack, DC Comics 102 (Wonder Woman and Cheetah).

For Gen Con, they are releasing the Game of Thrones 4-pack. This introduces a new free-for-all mode where all characters fight each other (appropriate to the setting!)

What about the Jaws 2-pack? If you’re lucky, you might end up with a “bloody shark” edition! The shark pops up in various places on the board, keeping the theme strong.

Disney games

Funko is currently releasing a card game Something WIld; with six different sets currently available (and all can be intermixed, up to three decks at a time). Each deck has a minifigure, which acts as the wild card: possess it to activate your action cards. A simple card game with a bit of strategy, which should be great for families.

Funko Games: Something Wild

The Haunted Mansion: Call of the Spirits is coming out later this year, with Funko releasing a few sneak peeks right now. This game honors the rides, and will be full of details that Disney fans will appreciate. Funko (much like Disney) loves to pay nods to its earlier work.

More exciting games

Back to the Future: Back in Time is the biggest hit for Gen Con weekend. It has been out of stock, but there is a limited number available in the Funko shop!

Yacht Rock also looks to be a fun party game with an unusual theme.

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Game images used with permission from Funko Games.